Fun with nail gels!

I am having lots of fun with nail gels.




But the concept of nail gels seems to confuse some! So here are some simple yet ‘asked about often’ questions about nail gels.

1. This gel does not dry in 2 minutes!

Your gel won’t dry in natural light, it is cured by either LED or UV light in a lamp. You need to really research your processes when dealing with gel nails or buy a kit with instructions. This is the reason why I get really cheap OPI GelColor on eBay. This Christmas a lot of people were bought sets without the rest of the kit and have no idea what to do with it. OPI is a professional only product, as well as MOST other gels. In the UK there are very few home kits available.

2. Does it damage your nails?

No. Not if done correctly but there are so MANY ways to do it wrong. Damage happens mostly with removal. The top coat always needs to be gently buffed away as it is resistant to the acetone used to remove. You will need to soak with acetone using wraps for upto 15 minutes. ONLY remove with a wooden or plastic orange stick. If you use a metal remover you WILL cause damage.

Normally with Gel you need to lightly buff the shine off the natural nail. I have weak nails so I don’t do this.

Don’t peel. This is the EASIEST way to ruin your nails.

3. Do the UV lamps give you cancer?

Yes and maybe. A professional lamp has all the nasties removed but with cheaper and even salon lamps you are never 100% sure. I wear UV protection fingerless gloves as a regular ‘geller’. Best to be safe and not sorry!

4. You said gels? Like hard gel?

No, I always mean SOAK-OFF gels. I don’t use hard gel at all, especially as an untrained DIY’er. Soon I will be trained though to NVQ L3 but I probably won’t stray from the path.

5. I finished my manicure but its all sticky!

You need to remove this and any uncured gel with isopropyl alcohol or rubbing alcohol.

If in doubt, have them done by a professional. Even if it is to see what they DO and if you are suited to gels.

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