Geisha Sayuki at Hyper Japan with Aya, Chiyomi, Sanami and Sanoka

I was working Hyper Japan this year, kimono dressing like a demon. Man we were busy!

Sayuki is a western Geisha and has had some controversy in her time. Most of which come from the news, gossip and personal views.  However, I appreciate how tough it can be being a female entrepreneur in this slowing economy especially when reputation governs your existence.

I am different too in my field. Some love it as it makes me who I am and some really don’t.

It was a really good look at the real life of a Geisha house, rather than the Memoirs of a Geisha view the majority of people hold. Maybe they will stop calling me ‘Geisha’ in my £70 yukata set and inferring I work in the sex trade.

These are a few pictures I took and a link to a web album of a friend who took much better pictures. Consider mine, action shots….







And MUCH better pictures: Kornelia Jer Kimono De Jack Pictures

Sayuki would like your support in her venture. You can do this by attending a Banquet in Niseko or contact Sayuki regarding events and appointments in Tokyo.

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