Nail Harmony Gelish Training Booked….

My nails obsession has hit it’s peak and by the end of August I will be a fully trained Nail Harmony Gelish Technician!

As this is only a part time passion I will mix my training and subsequent nail design courses with kimono and Japanese style fashion. In fact, I plan to almost exclusively be a Japanese Nail Art technician.

My friends and I normally do demos and have a stall at kitacon, so I might see how the insurance fits and offer a £25 gel manicure with a fancy nail design on say the ring finger. Mad 3D lolita style or freehand painted.

I also have in mind to do a £18 ‘Gelish Vitagel‘ mani for those wanting to repair and grow out their nails with normal polish on top. The polish can then be removed and reapplied.

I plan to be also CND Shellac trained as well as do training in O.P.I Gelcolor (as this is what my mum likes) by the time kitacon comes round.


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