Happy New Year!

I know it is late but in my business you do a lot of sales activities in January to drum up the biz for the year. I have been doing calls, quotes and days out.

Apart from building my normal biz I have been re-stocking up on stuff for the kimono biz too as in previous posts.

Here are my latest purchases on the kimono side of things:

Obi for Dressing
Obi for Dressing

It is essential to have cool stuff that people want to wear!

I have also been developing my nail hobby. My final bit of training is this month. I shall start reviewing things as I purchase a LOT of nail stuff!

Do I have New Years Resolutions?

Yup! Better my Japanese and save for a new car! Also to get fit. I bought my OWN spinning bike in order to do this. It’s so much fun!

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