Geisha Sayuki at Hyper Japan with Aya, Chiyomi, Sanami and Sanoka

I was working Hyper Japan this year, kimono dressing like a demon. Man we were busy!

Sayuki is a western Geisha and has had some controversy in her time. Most of which come from the news, gossip and personal views.  However, I appreciate how tough it can be being a female entrepreneur in this slowing economy especially when reputation governs your existence.

I am different too in my field. Some love it as it makes me who I am and some really don’t.

It was a really good look at the real life of a Geisha house, rather than the Memoirs of a Geisha view the majority of people hold. Maybe they will stop calling me ‘Geisha’ in my £70 yukata set and inferring I work in the sex trade.

These are a few pictures I took and a link to a web album of a friend who took much better pictures. Consider mine, action shots….







And MUCH better pictures: Kornelia Jer Kimono De Jack Pictures

Sayuki would like your support in her venture. You can do this by attending a Banquet in Niseko or contact Sayuki regarding events and appointments in Tokyo.

Thinking about Oiran hair….

To cosplay as Oiran you need big hair. However, this big hair needs to be worn all day and also train worthy (for about 3 hours) so how can I achieve big hair that’s easy to manage?

For a while there I forget my old faithful…DREADLOCK EXTENTIONS!

Big hair and easy to manipulate. With all that volume I should be able to tie up my hair Oiran stylee. However, it will take me a week to extend my all hair (as I do it myself) so I will go with part extension, part hairpiece as here:


<a href=”” title=”Lost N Found Dreads by rubbergirls, on Flickr”><img src=”” width=”375″ height=”500″ alt=”Lost N Found Dreads”></a>

and then bump the front, add my red wooden comb then add the hairpiece at the back. I can tie an obiage around the back hairpiece to round it off and part it at the top and then proceed to shove stuff in it.

I will probably buy myself a big red or black fake flower for the one side and I have some dangly kanzashi stick for the other. More of a Kimono Ageha/Cyber goth Oiran hair look!



Sakuran Cosplay for HyperJapan

Lyuba from Strawberry Kimono will be leaving the UK next year so we decided to do a Sakuran cosplay en masse as this is her favourite kimono dress up theme.

I don’t normally cosplay but hey, always up for a challenge! So this is my outfit:

Matching up collar to outfit

Sakuran cosplay outfit done!

A lengthened odori kimono with padded underlayer (hitoe), a hitoe green and silver ichimitsu odori obi and a massive padded melon collar! I decided a full uchikake would be too arduous so I have gone for a black sha kimono as a coat.

I have a pipe and okobo too 🙂 I need to make matching tabi 🙂

In other news I bought a new obi:

All the Odori Kimono IN THE WORLD!

More evidence of my obsession with odori kimono, some say they are not practical to wear…I say they are the best komon out there!

Odori Kimono Obsession

British racing green, plant silhouette and stripes!

Odori Kimono Obsession

Emo stripes with a purple motif

Stripe Odori Kimono

Emo stripes with gold motif

Odori Kimono Obsession

Teal and dyed Ashanoha

Odori Kimono Obsession

Purple and green ‘alf n ‘alf. I admit, this might not be wearable outside a dance setting.

Odori kimono are mostly synthetic which make them great wet weather kimono for the UK 🙂

Co-ordination for Stripe Geisha Hikizuri

Well…no more buying so I have been playing with co-ordination with my hiki and current collection. The obi is just folded and secured with a makura:

Obi options for my stripe hikizuri....

Big bold flowers are the motif I have seen with stripe hiki in the Taisho era…however I just don’t really have an obi to match…

Obi options for my stripe hikizuri....

Earthier combination that seems popular with my pals…

Obi options for my stripe hikizuri....

Purple is my favourite colourway so far. I shall make a purple han eri to go with this kimono. Not a high class obi but it is what I have…

Obi options for my stripe hikizuri....

Yellow, looks better in real light but purple still does it for me! It is more my style.