Kimono Eye Candy

Well, as I seem to have started doing demo’s, workshops and con based things I brought some lush kimono for demonstrations. Far to fancy/lush to wear out but they look great on a stage and for photos!

Fantastic Demo Hiki Furisode

Something I waited to come on sale $300 > $70

and again, something I waited for….

Maiko Cosplay Furisode...

Splendiferous kimono and great maiko cosplay kimono. Shame they will take 2 months to get to me.

I brought a series of cheap yukata sets also to use in workshops at Alcon in Leicester. I have been watching trinity blood recently so feel ready for an anime/cosplay convention. No idea what I will wear kimono wise. Probably yukata with Nagoya obi as I will be working all day!

Kimono Fashion Show at HyperJapan 2011!

Oh yeah…..we is on the website now!

Isla and I are running a kimono fashion show to promote kimono de jack.

Kimono De Jack Kimono Fashion Show at HYPER JAPAN

As a treat, two members of the Kimono De Jack group (Elizabeth Hitchins and Isla Wong) will be organising a fashion show showing kimono outfits from traditional to modern. This will be held on Saturday 23 July.

You can be part of the show by applying to be a kimono model.

We need six fantastic models to volunteer for our contemporary kimono fashion show! Make up, hair and footwear will be provided and you just need to wear a simple t-shirt and leggings. The winning applicants will gain free entry on Saturday and a surprise gift!

Applications must be received by Saturday 9th July 2011.

Our article is also part of their friday focus: Kimono, Tradition or Fashion?

So now, when fashion houses say that stripes are in this Autumn, you can look to increase your collection to include cool, silky, striped kimono. High fashion meets kimono!

Kimono are a vintage fashion explosion in all colours, patterns and motifs.

Whatever you consider ‘in’, you will find a kimono to complement the trend and you don’t have to listen to just the western fashion houses to tell you what’s hot, you can check out what is being seen in Tokyo, Kimono is it’s own art house.

Kimono-hime is a funky and fresh look on kimono fashion and you can see elements of the styles in the younger wearers at Kimono De Jack meetings in Japan. This is where you can see kimono fashion in all its glory, and keep up to date.

Be there or be square….

Purple Paper Crane Geisha Hikizuri Kimono

Well I am here again, Geisha hikizuri number 3 with paper cranes for good luck and hope.

Baka Hime in Purple Paper Crane Hikizuri

She is a superb deep purple and I couldn’t have wished for a more superb kimono and very wearable too. She is awase with a slightly padded hem and meant for dancin’

Baka Hime in Purple Paper Crane Hikizuri (2)

Otaiko variation again using my double sided maru obi, which also happens to be a twin! I have actually straightened up the top now as I didn’t realise it was so wrinkly, but you get the jist 🙂 I personally think this is the perfect obi for her as we are not constrained by season.

The kimono itself was quite expensive (for me that is, probably no so in hiki terms as the condition is excellent) but it was cheaper than my black susohiki and much more ‘fabulous’ in my terms. I would not have brought it if I didn’t think I already had a matching obi in my collection. However I am watching a similar obi with more detail as this might be nice. I like this obi too and I wear it quite a bit.

Surprisingly enough I am now skint and will be on a buying hiatus until July.

Kyoto Geiko Hikizuri in Dusty Pink

Well I got her quite cheap (£60) but she is quite stained also even though the condition of the silk/kimono is almost perfect.

No rips or pulled threads noticed just it met with a sticky end with something dropped down it and slight red colouring where the obi goes.

Guess she wore it with a red obi!

Baka Hime In Kyoto Geiko Hikizuri

However photographed with flash and even in the flesh you don’t notice the stains over her majesty and beauty, and the obi covered the obi wear mark.

Baka Hime In Kyoto Geiko Hikizuri (2)

This is an otaiko variation, one which I hope to practise and be able to tie on myself successfully. I am currently only focusing on otaiko, a variation of, plump sparrow and bunko in my obi tying repertoire until I can do them blind folded! This is a soft maru obi.

There is no crest on this kimono so we can assume this was a casual kimono for less formal events and it is houmongi style. It might have even been reserved for meeting with other Geisha. It it hitoe so it is a spring/end of summer kimono but each square seems to have a different motif.

We have Chrysanthemums for the onset of autumn, maybe for an ‘indian summer’ feel? We have maple leaves and grasses which is also very autumn. However, we have pine also which is normally new year, bamboo leaves (autumn again) and what looks like sunflower (late summer)

However the pine is purple and fresh green so that could indicate late summer/onset of autumn. I am going for a September kimono classification 🙂

Ok she deserves more than my primark accessories but as I am just back from holiday and washing and putting stuff away I just used something at hand rather than getting out my stuff.

This is my second Geisha kimono, here is my first

I am currently focussing on Odori kimono and geisha kimono for my collection. I am not going down the maiko route even though I would love a darari obi and maiko hikizuri they would only be for love and display. I am too old to play at maiko but I do feel that Geisha kimono (especially this one) can be worn normally.

However, I need to replenish my yukata collection first with two new ones as two have now died the death. I have spotted 3 I like in my price range so will get one a month from June.

Kimono Dressing at Kitacon PREVIEW!

We have been out in force, taking pictures of the kimono on offer at kitacon! Look at these beauties you can try on, these are only examples styles and we have more available but we thought we would try to give you a taster 🙂

Red Furisode

Green Furisode and Blue Furisode

Brown Furisode

Purple Flowers Furisode

Green Uchikake


Red Uchikake and Wedding Katsura

Heavy HikiFurisode/Kakeshita – we decided you could wear this as a coat over a kimono or with obi 🙂

So you will only get to wear these beauties at Kitacon 3! However, dependant on the success of the event we may be coming along to an event near you and also take private group bookings. We have many more kimono, colours and styles (not all furisode) with a wonderful array of modern and traditional obi with matching accessories.

Its so cheap to be dressed up and have a photo only £15! (£25 for wedding dress up) – we also have men’s sets 🙂

Myths and Legends Kimono Theme: Yuki Onna, Oiran Style….

OK, so I am going to a jiu jitsu event where the social has a myths and legends theme. Being kimono mad I still wanted to wear one so I needed a Japanese female character to represent. So in walks Yuki Onna.

Yuki Onna (snow woman) is a spirit or yōkai in Japanese folklore. Yuki-onna appears on snowy nights as a tall, beautiful woman with long black hair and red lips. Her inhumanly pale or even transparent skin makes her blend into the snowy landscape. She is at the same time beautiful and serene, yet ruthless in killing unsuspecting mortals.

She lures weary travellers into a snowstorm and lets them die of exposure basically and depicted as wearing a white kimono. So enough about the legend, more about the outfit.

So in white kimono-y goodness I am wearing my white ro kimono (I know summer weight in Feb, depicting a snow spirit)

Ro Hitoe

Then my trusty black corset and then over it an Oiran style front obi darari knot, probably using my stupidly long synthetic wedding obi that I got free or maybe my gold and blue fukuro for some kind of colour.

Shiro nuri with just red lips for a ghostly look and my blackish hair either just loose, or partly loose to adhere to the drawings I have seen.

I wonder if anyone will guess who I am?

Geishaface does have a Geisha Susohiki kimono!

Geisha susohikiI do, as a kimono lover a real geisha kimono is a must! However, you can never wear them to their full potential outside or on floors other than someone trusted cream carpet in a house where not allowed to wear shoes. I wear my kimono, so this is the only kimono I have brought for pure lust.

Its not overly fancy, and cost around $200 and you can see the wonderful hiki-ness and the wide collar needed for that geisha scoop.

Its hard to achieve the collar scoop on a normal kimono, but for cosplay you can always fake it. On my face you will also see that I am wearing the traditional shiro nuri, something authentic and geisha that I can wear often being of the gothic alternative persuasion. No goth white make up has ANYTHING on the purity and finish of real shiro nuri.

However, it is expensive and I collected mine over about 6 months. I restricted myself to the wax base, the white cream (which you mix with water to apply), the fixing powder for that wonderful finish and a lipstick.

This is where I got it from: I have the Oshiroi & Kabuki Abura Makeup (wax and cream), Pro Kona Oshiroi (powder) and the Pro Red Kyomizuben​i (lipstick).

I decided to make my own mineral version of the bright pink blusher powder using Mica, Titanium Dioxide and Carmine. Real mineral powdered blush goes on well. I have not tried commercial blusher, but you need a crazy pink that’s NOT hot pink. I decided to use a commercial red eye-shadow from manic panic called ‘vampire red’ to do the eye detailing. Black eyeliner is black eyeliner, you don’t NEED to buy the authentic version.

I always do my version of the geisha makeup, as I wear mine often in the gothic scene and its part of a fashion and not tradition. I have also started to use ‘snazaroo iridescent powder’ on my cheeks and the stuff goes over the shiro nuri well.

Now, to get the perfect application you need to make sure you have brushes with natural fibres, one for the blusher, one for the face powder, a foundation brush for the cream/water mix which is the main white base and a lip brush. You also will do well to make sure you have a big face sponge to remove the excess water and give the perfect finish. I brought the real one for this, and it comes with a handy dish I use to mix the cream and water in 🙂

This is me in ‘Geisha-Hime’ – I think after seeing this I needed more black round the eyes, a kuro-tomesode is the best for geisha-hime but this at the time was what I had, a mourning kimono – super cheap! With the collar this was about as scoop-y as I was going to get without contorting the kimono and having the sleeves too far back.

Geisha hime

and ‘Maiko Hime’ – in which I had red around the eyes, but again might try black next time. This is maiko style because of the swinging sleeves of the furisode. A maiko kimono (very expensive and hard to get vintage) still has the tucks seen on children’s kimono on the sleeves and shoulders. I am an adult and I have not found a furisode with the leeway to put maiko folds in yet.

Goth Maiko for Halloween!

Odori Kimono are MEANT for partying…

Odori kimono are normally bright, longer and thinner than your average kimono as dancers need to move about in them and will get hot. It means they are perfect for wrapping a corset round for clubbing. I wore this in the middle of summer so I just wore a thin hada juban underneath with no juban as I probably would have fried. This is the easiest way to do ‘gothic geishesque’ in kimono. Its a far cry from the style of real Geisha, so this is more stylised kimono-hime (kimono princess)
Odori Kimono
It is silk and painted in superb condition and I also have the paler one, as I love twins. This is the only pair of twins I have in kimono and the only odori kimono as they are super popular due to the fact that most of them are hikizuri (padded hen with a trailing skirt) and great for Geisha and Maiko cosplay.

I need to put together a cosplay outfit, I keep trying to get a pale yellow and peach kimono to be Kaoru Kamiya from Rurouni Kenshin.

Geishaface Kitsuke, Kimono, Life

I started this blog because I have a terrible need to talk about kimono. I don’t care if you are listening or not, its my obsession. A friend of mine recently described me as a 30 year old that thinks she’s Geisha (and she was a 30 year old who thinks she is a sailor, but that’s another story) so this is my outlet.

I started my love of kimonos at the age of 18, but it didn’t really manifest itself into an obsession until 2 years ago.

Now I have over 70 kimono.

I know most of the kimono rules, but for me kimono is fashion so you will see me mixing formalities, flouting the rules and adding a gothic/loli/cyber twist to ensembles.

Enjoy, and comment if you have the urge