It has been a while….but I have been busy!

I have also been sewing!

My latest creations:

Handmade cotton Chuuya obi

Handmade cotton Chuuya obi

Handmade reversible chuuya obi #1

cotton chuuya obi

cotton chuuya obi

Handmade chuuya obi #2 – The end went a bit wrong on this obi so creative kitsuke is needed to hide said fault ūüôā

Two part obi - handmade

Two part obi - handmade

Double sided two part obi.

I have enough fabric left from these projects to make matching accessories, but September is another busy month so I won’t sew again till close to the end of it.

I have plans for another two part obi as I have a bit of obi shin left. I also have yukata plans. We shall see how those pan out as it is a lot of sewing and cutting!

Make your own Oshiroi or Geisha/Maiko white Shiro-nuri/make up

Well, I have the real thing but don’t like using it because of the cost and as an evil chemist I thought I would make my own, fragrance and talc free version for clubbing and other events!

The tools:

Ingredients for the white kabuki foundation:

1. Titanium Dioxide (Zinc Oxide and Magnesium stearate could be suitable replacements if you have an allergy etc)

2. Sericite Mica (Provides the ‘silkiness’ and there are many versions to choose from but all should be OK)

3. Glyerol (Or Glycerine, check the ‘coughs and colds’ section of your local pharmacy or cake section of your supermarket – mine is 100% w/w)

4. Water

5. Rice powder (I get mine for a few quid off rakuten, however, Aloe vera powder or ‘mineral make up’ setting powder will also do the trick)


So the method for 1 face:

1. Mix 3.5g of Titanium dioxide with 1.5g of Sericite in one pot

2. Mix 1g Glycerol with 4g of water in another

3. Add the two mixes together

This is basically it for the kabuki make up. Then you can either use this this for a REALLY thick coverage (I find hard to use) or thin it out with a bit more water (like about 2g) and layer. You need to use the same techniques with a foundation brush and sponge to achieve the effect.

Once your face is complete and dry you need to dust with the rice powder to set the foundation.

I tested this on my arm to compare it to the real thing:


and in daylight:

This is close to the real thing but not 100% accurate, the reason is I have not used any talc or funny ingredients including the perfume that is added which to be honest, smells like your grandma.

I use rice powder or white mineral setting powder to dust – the one I make myself has white mica and aloe vera powder, but you can just re-dust with Sericite to make this solution even cheaper.

On the cost side of things:

1. Titanium dioxide 250g = £5

2. Sericite 25g = £6

3. Glycerol 100ml = £1.20

4. Water – Free out of the tap if someone else is paying…

5. Rice Powder Р£8 for a box with 3 packets

That’s a lot of faces for the money.

The real stuff costs $72 for the kabuki make up and wax then the powder is $46.

The arm pictures are WITHOUT the wax base. The wax base is required for a more authentic look, it makes it long lasting and smoother. It is also a bugger to get off without real soap. You can try making the wax with beeswax,oil and¬†petroleum¬†jelly but I don’t have a method for that ūüôā It’s like a stiff, dry lip balm you smooth over your face.




Tabi Experiment 1 – First ever tabi

Well I gave it a go and I am pleased with the first try. I have now learnt new lessons and need to improve certain parts for my ‘ankle width’ if I want to make tabi from cotton and not stretch materials.

I will make the corresponding pair friday and corset the back with ribbon for halloween tabi then try to make a better pattern at the weekend.