Kimono De Jack is 3 years old this year!

Our next meet up at Hyper Japan is very soon but I have just created our 3rd Anniversary Meetup at Japan Matsuri (5th October, London)age-3-birthday-foil-6000057-0-1348496708000

Check out the facebook group for details!

Reminder about what KDJ actually IS:

Kimono de Jack is an event for people who love kimono and need more reasons to wear it šŸ™‚

Feel free to join us in one of our little outings, we always welcome new faces. Alternatively, why not organise one yourself and then let us know about.

Happy Kimono Wearing ^_^

*Although Kimono de Jack in itself is free and there is not charge to attend, some (or all) members choose to go places that might require a payment. If you would like to participate in these optional events during Kimono de Jack, please make sure you bring enough funds to cover the payments. Usually, these places or events will be listed in the description. If not, then at least plan on getting lunch with everyone.*

You can follow our outings via twitter

Or via blogger

either way, we want to join all kimono lovers in UK

Sakuran Cosplay for HyperJapan

Lyuba from Strawberry Kimono will be leaving the UK next year so we decided to do a Sakuran cosplay en masse as this is her favourite kimono dress up theme.

I don’t normally cosplay but hey, always up for a challenge! So this is my outfit:

Matching up collar to outfit

Sakuran cosplay outfit done!

A lengthened odori kimono with padded underlayer (hitoe), a hitoe green and silver ichimitsu odori obi and a massive padded melon collar! I decided a full uchikake would be too arduous so I have gone for a black sha kimono as a coat.

I have a pipe and okobo too šŸ™‚ I need to make matching tabi šŸ™‚

In other news I bought a new obi:

Shakespeare in Kimono – May KDJ in Stratford Upon Avon

Need reminding who I amĀ talkingĀ about? Have youĀ forgottenĀ GCSE English?

The BBC is having a Shakespeare revival and you can see a clip of the up and coming Henry V:

and so come to the Kimono De Jack May Meetup!

Plans will be weather dependant, it’s been crazy of late so we will be specific closer to the time!

Kimono De Jack at the Victoria and Albert Museum

Looking forward to Saturday:


So for KDJ March we are back in London again (sorry we will have some more up norf events next) to visit the Victoria and Albert Museum. Home to a wonderful selection of costume history including kimono šŸ™‚

We will meet at the entrance to the museumĀ at 11:30pm and the closest tube station is South Kensington.

Admission is FREE (yay) but please bring enough money for lunch if you want to join us. The average bill we aim for is about Ā£15 and we might need a tube or bus trip to get to a suitable place.

For travel around London we recommend a Ā£7 travel card which covers zone 1-2.

Because the weather has decided on that one day to cure our drought problems I will wear my purple synthetic kimono and not my posh kimono (which I wanted to wear as we are going to a museum)

It is also St Patricks day so I will co-ordinate something green in there.

Kimono New Years Resolutions!

Getting close. Only 15 days left of 2011. Time to be strict with my kimono resolutions!

1. No more kimono – nada, nothing, nichts,Ā niets…..ZERO actual kimono to be purchased in 2012.

2. No more OBI either….

3. 1 x long kimono coat to be aquired

4. 3 x very fancy and expensive obiage/obijime sets to be had. When I say expensive we are looking at a Ā£100 budget each. One red/white, one red/black and one a damn fancy colour. I will checkout yahoo auctions before I go for brand new of course.

5. Synthetic Mans kimono set.

and that’s it – for the whole of 2012. I am directing money at things I have been hankering for over past 18 months, as well as a summer trip volunteering in Japan which will put me back Ā£1200 probably.

My husband and I are saving for a really nice tourist trip to Japan for 10 days (Tokyo and Kyoto) so I need to be very VERY good with my money.

Also my need to further myself with the Japanese language will also trump kimono purchases.

Resolution No.6 – A dreaded resolution that involves clearing out and selling off kimono I know I will not wear. My style is starting to define itself a lot more and previous purchases are not in tune… I will part ways with them!


*The photo is from the recent Kimono De Jack at the Birmingham Christmas Markets.

Hyperjapan Kimono Fashion Show

More updates to follow but here is a blog post from one of our models!

Katie was wearing purple hakama and a matching yabane ko-furisode kimono!

I am so busy with everything currently but once I have the professional photos I will do a nice full blog post crediting everyone who worked with us!