Modern Kabuki Themed Kimono Fashion Photoshoot!

I have been having all the fun at the fair with my recent kimono shoot! Are these not fab! Head over to Eclectic Kimono to see the shoot in its full glory! Great news about these images too…they are FREE STOCK images. No monies just a credit needed.

Free Kimono Stock Image

Free Kimono Stock Image

MUA: Gemma Sutton
Wardrobe: Elizabeth Hitchins
Model: Jennifer Lee Moon MOT Models
Photographer: Sian Robertson
Retouch: Yunona Reznichenko

Geisha Sayuki at Hyper Japan with Aya, Chiyomi, Sanami and Sanoka

I was working Hyper Japan this year, kimono dressing like a demon. Man we were busy!

Sayuki is a western Geisha and has had some controversy in her time. Most of which come from the news, gossip and personal views.  However, I appreciate how tough it can be being a female entrepreneur in this slowing economy especially when reputation governs your existence.

I am different too in my field. Some love it as it makes me who I am and some really don’t.

It was a really good look at the real life of a Geisha house, rather than the Memoirs of a Geisha view the majority of people hold. Maybe they will stop calling me ‘Geisha’ in my £70 yukata set and inferring I work in the sex trade.

These are a few pictures I took and a link to a web album of a friend who took much better pictures. Consider mine, action shots….







And MUCH better pictures: Kornelia Jer Kimono De Jack Pictures

Sayuki would like your support in her venture. You can do this by attending a Banquet in Niseko or contact Sayuki regarding events and appointments in Tokyo.

Wa Lolita with real vintage kimono….

I was at a Lolita event and in a fashion show this weekend. I am NOT lolita but Isla and I showcased wa lolita using real kimono. Most lolita complain wa lolita is too much like a costume, so we offered up an alternative. Wearing your kimono in Wa STYLE.


We were also at Stoneleigh Abbey the next day:

jane austin and kimono

*Photos by April Boyd

Irregular Choice are Kimono Hime shoes

…oh yes they are and I have loved this brand for many many years. I think my first pair of irregular choice shoes I bought in Leicester while still a student!

Well, eBay daily deal served me well and even though I would have liked the purple or black pair better – I still have a lot of kimono ensembles that go with these:

New Kimono Shoes! eBay daily deal!

A lower heel for walking as well as a ‘complete’ shoe for the winter. I just need some white tights or frilly socks to match.

I also bought an irregular choice bag which I felt would be nice for kimono outings. I went for the blue and not pink as I have two pink bags now and don’t need more!

Irregular Choice Bag

So next year I won’t add kimono items to my collection, but will add a few choice accessories in the hime theme that will match my wafuku and yofuku days!

Sakuran Cosplay for HyperJapan

Lyuba from Strawberry Kimono will be leaving the UK next year so we decided to do a Sakuran cosplay en masse as this is her favourite kimono dress up theme.

I don’t normally cosplay but hey, always up for a challenge! So this is my outfit:

Matching up collar to outfit

Sakuran cosplay outfit done!

A lengthened odori kimono with padded underlayer (hitoe), a hitoe green and silver ichimitsu odori obi and a massive padded melon collar! I decided a full uchikake would be too arduous so I have gone for a black sha kimono as a coat.

I have a pipe and okobo too 🙂 I need to make matching tabi 🙂

In other news I bought a new obi:

It has been a while….but I have been busy!

I have also been sewing!

My latest creations:

Handmade cotton Chuuya obi

Handmade cotton Chuuya obi

Handmade reversible chuuya obi #1

cotton chuuya obi

cotton chuuya obi

Handmade chuuya obi #2 – The end went a bit wrong on this obi so creative kitsuke is needed to hide said fault 🙂

Two part obi - handmade

Two part obi - handmade

Double sided two part obi.

I have enough fabric left from these projects to make matching accessories, but September is another busy month so I won’t sew again till close to the end of it.

I have plans for another two part obi as I have a bit of obi shin left. I also have yukata plans. We shall see how those pan out as it is a lot of sewing and cutting!

Sewing as Therapy? Obi and Collars…

Cherry fake collar:

Fake kimono collars again!

Lolita fake collar for a friend (see how this one is hemmed nicely as it is for someone else):

Fake kimono collars again!

Obi trial run – reversible – one side halloween pin ups and the other casino girls!

Handmade obi - oneside casino, one side Halloween!

Handmade obi - oneside casino, one side Halloween!

Now I have perfected my fake collar technique but this was a trial run with a ‘patchwork’ obi with old fabric with quilting wadding for the core. It is far too spongy however holds the otaiko really nicely. I plan to buy real obi shin from Rakuten next month to sew my ‘cath kidston’ obi now I have done a trial run.

I am considering replacing the quilted core on this obi once I have shin too as I made it with this in mind. The wadding will make great obi makura though so will be reused.

I will concentrate on obi for a while as I have many of the funkiest (to my mind) collars going and need to refocus efforts on a few kitch obi.


1. Reversible retro kitch obi
2. Cat Obi
3. Goth Obi/Red/White polkadot reversible

Nice cotton is SOO expensive and needing at LEAST 3.5m for an obi (I just do 4m as it is easier cutting wise) it means that each obi still costs around £50 to make and if I want to make it reversible £70. I will reuse the rest of the obi fabrics to make a few collars, obiage, susoyoke and hopefully if I can get to a photocopier and enlarge my pattern….tabi…

I blame Yumi Yamamoto for all this sewing madness and I need to get her first book in English as well. I doubt I will ever go down the kimono route. I am BAD at cutting so will be content in making accessories.

More kimono collars…..and a bit of cheeky fan girl insert.

I know boring huh? But not to me! Over the bank holiday I finished my ‘velcro han-eri and fake collar’ system for lazy lazy kitsuke:

We have brown with forest cartoons:



monkey kimono collar!

and polka dots with spider lace…

handmade lace/Polkadots dual sided collar

I also made a wide fake collar for my pink kyoto hikizuri:


You might think I am boring with these collars but Loki is pleased:

What I wouldn’t give to get Tom Hiddleston into a kimono, I have one that will fit! (he is a similar height and build as my husband who will never let me dress him up, and looks a bit Loki-ish according to a few small children who point)

All men look good in real kimono. ALL OF THEM!