Odori Kimono are MEANT for partying…

Odori kimono are normally bright, longer and thinner than your average kimono as dancers need to move about in them and will get hot. It means they are perfect for wrapping a corset round for clubbing. I wore this in the middle of summer so I just wore a thin hada juban underneath with no juban as I probably would have fried. This is the easiest way to do ‘gothic geishesque’ in kimono. Its a far cry from the style of real Geisha, so this is more stylised kimono-hime (kimono princess)
Odori Kimono
It is silk and painted in superb condition and I also have the paler one, as I love twins. This is the only pair of twins I have in kimono and the only odori kimono as they are super popular due to the fact that most of them are hikizuri (padded hen with a trailing skirt) and great for Geisha and Maiko cosplay.

I need to put together a cosplay outfit, I keep trying to get a pale yellow and peach kimono to be Kaoru Kamiya from Rurouni Kenshin.

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I started this blog because I have a terrible need to talk about kimono. I don’t care if you are listening or not, its my obsession. A friend of mine recently described me as a 30 year old that thinks she’s Geisha (and she was a 30 year old who thinks she is a sailor, but that’s another story) so this is my outlet.

I started my love of kimonos at the age of 18, but it didn’t really manifest itself into an obsession until 2 years ago.

Now I have over 70 kimono.

I know most of the kimono rules, but for me kimono is fashion so you will see me mixing formalities, flouting the rules and adding a gothic/loli/cyber twist to ensembles.

Enjoy, and comment if you have the urge