I have been busy!

I have been really busy with everything, and lasted 6 months on a no buying binge!

However, recently I bought 2 fancy furisode obijime:

Furisode Obijime

Furisode Obijime

and two synthetic two-piece kimono. I have wanted a two piece kimono for a while. Why?

For working….these are great throw on peices that you can dress over your jeans when you are kimono working!

Two piece synthetic kimono

Two piece synthetic kimono

Irregular Choice are Kimono Hime shoes

…oh yes they are and I have loved this brand for many many years. I think my first pair of irregular choice shoes I bought in Leicester while still a student!

Well, eBay daily deal served me well and even though I would have liked the purple or black pair better – I still have a lot of kimono ensembles that go with these:

New Kimono Shoes! eBay daily deal!

A lower heel for walking as well as a ‘complete’ shoe for the winter. I just need some white tights or frilly socks to match.

I also bought an irregular choice bag which I felt would be nice for kimono outings. I went for the blue and not pink as I have two pink bags now and don’t need more!

Irregular Choice Bag

So next year I won’t add kimono items to my collection, but will add a few choice accessories in the hime theme that will match my wafuku and yofuku days!

Long Vintage Meisen Haori

I don’t wear haori often and only like the long bright coloured haori for which I always seem to go for meisen:

Recent finds:

Long Meisen haori

Long Meisen Haori

The first one will work well with my black/red ensembles as I wear this colourway often. I also wear a lot of purple/blue these days so the second haori will match here. I would like a yuzen dyed long haori but these are harder to find and more delicate. I am not sure I would find a kimono day where I could wear one! Meisen however, is more harder and easier to clean.

Japanese Antiques on eBay

Posted lost of Christmas presentable stuff yesterday!

Accessories for Christmas

Accessories for Christmas

Accessories for Christmas

Accessories for Christmas

Accessories for Christmas

Accessories for Christmas

I love cheap accessories. These are all for my collection as I close a big project yesterday which will make me a tidy sum in December/January. I don’t have any more room for obi, kimono and geta (or ANY shoe) but small accessories will be my shopoholic saviours in the next year.

Over Christmas I am going to have a clear out and put some stuff up for sale on this blog. Very cheap to clear stuff and even freecycle stuff which may not be in the best condition any more but with a bit of love can be rejuvenated.(you pay the postage and you can have it)

I don’t think I will ever stop….

I seemed to manage last years resolutions…I am learning Japanese, I have lost 30lbs BUT my kimono habit is still my vice!

Evidence from the last few months:

Silver and Black Nagoya Obi

163cm Kimono

Red/Black Meisen

Kinchaku Bag

Kinchaku Bag

Black Nagoya

Wool Juban

Princess Obi!

Bright Pink Obi

Stripy Obi

Kinchaku Bag

HELP! I have a problem and I am in denial.

My New Years resolutions will have to be tighter:

– Lose 10lbs more
– Increase my vocabulary and focus on reading and writing in Japanese.

However, on a positive note I got each and every one for $20 or under. The bags were $10, kimono $20 and obi $5 or $10!

Sakuran Cosplay for HyperJapan

Lyuba from Strawberry Kimono will be leaving the UK next year so we decided to do a Sakuran cosplay en masse as this is her favourite kimono dress up theme.

I don’t normally cosplay but hey, always up for a challenge! So this is my outfit:

Matching up collar to outfit

Sakuran cosplay outfit done!

A lengthened odori kimono with padded underlayer (hitoe), a hitoe green and silver ichimitsu odori obi and a massive padded melon collar! I decided a full uchikake would be too arduous so I have gone for a black sha kimono as a coat.

I have a pipe and okobo too 🙂 I need to make matching tabi 🙂

In other news I bought a new obi: