Modern Kabuki Themed Kimono Fashion Photoshoot!

I have been having all the fun at the fair with my recent kimono shoot! Are these not fab! Head over to Eclectic Kimono to see the shoot in its full glory! Great news about these images too…they are FREE STOCK images. No monies just a credit needed.

Free Kimono Stock Image

Free Kimono Stock Image

MUA: Gemma Sutton
Wardrobe: Elizabeth Hitchins
Model: Jennifer Lee Moon MOT Models
Photographer: Sian Robertson
Retouch: Yunona Reznichenko

Happy New Year!

I know it is late but in my business you do a lot of sales activities in January to drum up the biz for the year. I have been doing calls, quotes and days out.

Apart from building my normal biz I have been re-stocking up on stuff for the kimono biz too as in previous posts.

Here are my latest purchases on the kimono side of things:

Obi for Dressing
Obi for Dressing

It is essential to have cool stuff that people want to wear!

I have also been developing my nail hobby. My final bit of training is this month. I shall start reviewing things as I purchase a LOT of nail stuff!

Do I have New Years Resolutions?

Yup! Better my Japanese and save for a new car! Also to get fit. I bought my OWN spinning bike in order to do this. It’s so much fun!

Kimono, Nail and other stuff update!

I have been so busy! Kimono dressing for 4 events, nail training and business 🙂

So lets start with nails….I am a fully trained Gelish and Shellac nail tech now. I shall be posting some of my kimono nail art designs to this blog soon.

New buys!

I have been dressing a lot of people so I have to have stuff to dress them in!

These are my kimono for workshops and try on events. Some I don’t have photos of but you get the idea!

[AFG_gallery id=’11’]

I found that the 4L yukata is REALLY useful during dressing. I have a black and pinky one, but the one in the gallery is a second one.
I have more 4 more yukata and obi than in this gallery but I did find at this years Japan Matsuri (at the try on yukata stall) that my yukata/obi were really popular.

There not expensive either. I normally buy dressing kimono around golden week, as you get the new seasons trends and they are normally on sale.

I found the thicker hanhaba obi much easier to get neat quickly, so I bought a snowy one and pretty black/white one.

You will see more kimono-ness soon as I am building up this side of my business.

An update! Tabi, Nails and Kimono dressing!

Well, lets get the fun started. I always have kimono needs and gaps. 25cm tabi with kohaze are part of this and a friend spotted some so it was an INSTANT buy:

25cm Tabi

25cm Tabi

25cm Tabi

25cm Tabi

At $13 dollars a pair, it was a no brainer!

Second lot of news is that I am a trained natural manicurist now, and will be system training in Nail Harmony Gelish Monday.

Third lot of news is that I am running kimono dressing workshops at Alcon in Leicester this year!

Busy Bee!

Nail Harmony Gelish Training Booked….

My nails obsession has hit it’s peak and by the end of August I will be a fully trained Nail Harmony Gelish Technician!

As this is only a part time passion I will mix my training and subsequent nail design courses with kimono and Japanese style fashion. In fact, I plan to almost exclusively be a Japanese Nail Art technician.

My friends and I normally do demos and have a stall at kitacon, so I might see how the insurance fits and offer a £25 gel manicure with a fancy nail design on say the ring finger. Mad 3D lolita style or freehand painted.

I also have in mind to do a £18 ‘Gelish Vitagel‘ mani for those wanting to repair and grow out their nails with normal polish on top. The polish can then be removed and reapplied.

I plan to be also CND Shellac trained as well as do training in O.P.I Gelcolor (as this is what my mum likes) by the time kitacon comes round.


Wa Lolita with real vintage kimono….

I was at a Lolita event and in a fashion show this weekend. I am NOT lolita but Isla and I showcased wa lolita using real kimono. Most lolita complain wa lolita is too much like a costume, so we offered up an alternative. Wearing your kimono in Wa STYLE.


We were also at Stoneleigh Abbey the next day:

jane austin and kimono

*Photos by April Boyd

Kimono De Jack is 3 years old this year!

Our next meet up at Hyper Japan is very soon but I have just created our 3rd Anniversary Meetup at Japan Matsuri (5th October, London)age-3-birthday-foil-6000057-0-1348496708000

Check out the facebook group for details!

Reminder about what KDJ actually IS:

Kimono de Jack is an event for people who love kimono and need more reasons to wear it 🙂

Feel free to join us in one of our little outings, we always welcome new faces. Alternatively, why not organise one yourself and then let us know about.

Happy Kimono Wearing ^_^

*Although Kimono de Jack in itself is free and there is not charge to attend, some (or all) members choose to go places that might require a payment. If you would like to participate in these optional events during Kimono de Jack, please make sure you bring enough funds to cover the payments. Usually, these places or events will be listed in the description. If not, then at least plan on getting lunch with everyone.*

You can follow our outings via twitter

Or via blogger

either way, we want to join all kimono lovers in UK

It has been a while! Kore wa, shibaraku shite iru!

Ok, I have been on a kimono hiatus in many ways. In wearing and buying – mostly due to my new freelance status and needing to be VERY busy in order to earn money.

However, recently I have:

1. Booked a holiday to Japan
2. Bought a new haori

Retro haori

I plan to wear kimono a LOT in Japan so will be focusing any new kimono spend on undies!

I am wearing haori more as I can wear these to business events and travel in them really easy.

Fun with nail gels!

I am having lots of fun with nail gels.




But the concept of nail gels seems to confuse some! So here are some simple yet ‘asked about often’ questions about nail gels.

1. This gel does not dry in 2 minutes!

Your gel won’t dry in natural light, it is cured by either LED or UV light in a lamp. You need to really research your processes when dealing with gel nails or buy a kit with instructions. This is the reason why I get really cheap OPI GelColor on eBay. This Christmas a lot of people were bought sets without the rest of the kit and have no idea what to do with it. OPI is a professional only product, as well as MOST other gels. In the UK there are very few home kits available.

2. Does it damage your nails?

No. Not if done correctly but there are so MANY ways to do it wrong. Damage happens mostly with removal. The top coat always needs to be gently buffed away as it is resistant to the acetone used to remove. You will need to soak with acetone using wraps for upto 15 minutes. ONLY remove with a wooden or plastic orange stick. If you use a metal remover you WILL cause damage.

Normally with Gel you need to lightly buff the shine off the natural nail. I have weak nails so I don’t do this.

Don’t peel. This is the EASIEST way to ruin your nails.

3. Do the UV lamps give you cancer?

Yes and maybe. A professional lamp has all the nasties removed but with cheaper and even salon lamps you are never 100% sure. I wear UV protection fingerless gloves as a regular ‘geller’. Best to be safe and not sorry!

4. You said gels? Like hard gel?

No, I always mean SOAK-OFF gels. I don’t use hard gel at all, especially as an untrained DIY’er. Soon I will be trained though to NVQ L3 but I probably won’t stray from the path.

5. I finished my manicure but its all sticky!

You need to remove this and any uncured gel with isopropyl alcohol or rubbing alcohol.

If in doubt, have them done by a professional. Even if it is to see what they DO and if you are suited to gels.