This is where I will put kimono and related items for sale. Ever so often I will advertise kimono related stuff I am getting shot of. This is mostly due to my manic over buying and sometimes winning far too many items on eBay or simply running out of space. Please do not ask if I will sell the kimono in my posts, normally if I wear them I am not going to sell them on.

I am also a business women and have a right to make a profit if I so wish. Most of the items I post are to clear. Sold at a fraction of their purchase price. Please don’t insult me by asking for a discount or ‘I saw this on such and such website and you didn’t pay that much for it’ – most likely it was similar but not the same. I remember how much I pay for almost everything including shipping and customs.

If you want free stuff, check out my freecycle listings. I buy kimono items in bulk sometimes and you will find in those packs items which I don’t see as part of my fashion or they need restoration and love (i.e condition is not so good). These items go into freecycle.

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