Freecycle Kimono

This is the page where I will place items for freecycle. Yes, the ITEM itself if free you just pay the postage and packing.

I buy kimono items in bulk sometimes and you will find in those packs items which I don’t see as part of my fashion or they need restoration and love (i.e condition is not so good). These items go into freecycle for kimono enthusiasts that maybe don’t have the cash to start a collection. Popular with students and beginners.

If I am going to an event you are going too and the item is light then I will bring it to you. Please don’t ask me to cart around a ton of kimono to an event, I have a bad arm and just don’t want to carry stuff around either!

I have created a facebook page to promote freecycle in kimono :

Currently I have this kimono in the freecycle bin:

free kimono

160cm long wool hitoe kimono 800g in weight: I am based in the UK so use this tool to find the postage to YOU: Kimono is FREE postage is NOT.

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