Parcels arrived!

My furisode and bits for dressing are arriving so I have been taking pictures of them in real life!

Furisode for dressing Furisode for dressing

Furisode for Dressing Furisode for Dressing

I have kinda gone a bit mad after not buying kimono things for AGES but I realized I have been using the same kimono in the dressing box for years!

The difference is these have been bought specifically FOR dressing. I managed to get great bargains at the end of the season.

New Furisode coming for dressing events!

My side biz is building up and tomorrow I am off to MCM to run a stall dressing for money 🙂

I have been using the same kimono for dressing for a while now so I thought a refresh would be good.

Furisode for dressing!

Furisode for dressing!

Furisode for dressing!

Furisode for dressing!

It is fairly clear that as soon as one gets dressed in Furisode thats all that happens! Yukata Shmukata! So I have invested in some pretty and quite patterned furisode which don’t match MY taste but EVERYONE wants a really patterned look!

Yukata has its place so I have invested in some more modern fashionable yukata for dressing and workshops.

Obi for dressing events :)

New obi too as my gold/blue obi is getting quite worn out and it really matches my favourite furisode so I want to save it now 🙂

Added to the collection we have two ‘kimono ageha’ furisode:

New Fashionable Furisode for dressing. This image is just a guideline styling.

New Fashionable Furisode for dressing. This image is just a guideline styling.

Gah…ghastly pink! But pink was missing from my dressing collection!

I shall get more of the ageha style kimono if MCM makes money! For now the ageha kimono will be kept for smaller events, and I need to get accessories to make up outfits inc modern obi. I have fancy enough obiage and obijime now in the dressing box.

I don’t buy kimono for me anymore, only working kimono with which I have to expand my comfort zone. Not everyone likes plain furisode with a pretty hem like me! Hopefully these kimono will give a really good range for people and I can mix up the selection at events so I am not using the same kimono each time!

OPI GelColor – The Bohemians Collection Swatches!

Well I got my OPI’s!

OPI Swatches


From the left…


1. Muir Muir on the wall – Deep cherry purple with lighter shimmer.

2. Dining al fresco – Cartoon sky blue with a pearlised finish.

3. Keeping Suzi at Bay – Mid royal blue creme. I can see glitter in its future!

4. A-piers to be tan – Melted galaxy chocolate creme.

5. Peace & Love & OPI – Silver with a purple/green slight holo shimmer.

6. I knead sour dough – I can only describe this as a coffee purple with gold shimmer. It tends to be more mauve in the light.


All good colours, not sure about the tan, but I could jazz it up with foil. My favourite is actually I knead sour dough. No shrinkage on the pop either, good to apply.


Swatches are two coats.

Kimono, Nail and other stuff update!

I have been so busy! Kimono dressing for 4 events, nail training and business 🙂

So lets start with nails….I am a fully trained Gelish and Shellac nail tech now. I shall be posting some of my kimono nail art designs to this blog soon.

New buys!

I have been dressing a lot of people so I have to have stuff to dress them in!

These are my kimono for workshops and try on events. Some I don’t have photos of but you get the idea!

[AFG_gallery id=’11’]

I found that the 4L yukata is REALLY useful during dressing. I have a black and pinky one, but the one in the gallery is a second one.
I have more 4 more yukata and obi than in this gallery but I did find at this years Japan Matsuri (at the try on yukata stall) that my yukata/obi were really popular.

There not expensive either. I normally buy dressing kimono around golden week, as you get the new seasons trends and they are normally on sale.

I found the thicker hanhaba obi much easier to get neat quickly, so I bought a snowy one and pretty black/white one.

You will see more kimono-ness soon as I am building up this side of my business.

Practicing smile lines

Every decent nail tech needs to create the perfect smile line by hand. With gel this is MUCH easier but polish…you need to be quick!

So I need lots of practice and this was my first one last night. Never done ‘french’ before as it was never my gig.


and a photo I took for my emerging nail biz:


Kimono and nails – had to happen!

I am going to invest in the new Gelish ‘Under her spell’ collection once it is out too. Love dark colours!

An update! Tabi, Nails and Kimono dressing!

Well, lets get the fun started. I always have kimono needs and gaps. 25cm tabi with kohaze are part of this and a friend spotted some so it was an INSTANT buy:

25cm Tabi

25cm Tabi

25cm Tabi

25cm Tabi

At $13 dollars a pair, it was a no brainer!

Second lot of news is that I am a trained natural manicurist now, and will be system training in Nail Harmony Gelish Monday.

Third lot of news is that I am running kimono dressing workshops at Alcon in Leicester this year!

Busy Bee!

Geisha Sayuki at Hyper Japan with Aya, Chiyomi, Sanami and Sanoka

I was working Hyper Japan this year, kimono dressing like a demon. Man we were busy!

Sayuki is a western Geisha and has had some controversy in her time. Most of which come from the news, gossip and personal views.  However, I appreciate how tough it can be being a female entrepreneur in this slowing economy especially when reputation governs your existence.

I am different too in my field. Some love it as it makes me who I am and some really don’t.

It was a really good look at the real life of a Geisha house, rather than the Memoirs of a Geisha view the majority of people hold. Maybe they will stop calling me ‘Geisha’ in my £70 yukata set and inferring I work in the sex trade.

These are a few pictures I took and a link to a web album of a friend who took much better pictures. Consider mine, action shots….







And MUCH better pictures: Kornelia Jer Kimono De Jack Pictures

Sayuki would like your support in her venture. You can do this by attending a Banquet in Niseko or contact Sayuki regarding events and appointments in Tokyo.