Kimono New Years Resolutions!

Getting close. Only 15 days left of 2011. Time to be strict with my kimono resolutions!

1. No more kimono – nada, nothing, nichts, niets…..ZERO actual kimono to be purchased in 2012.

2. No more OBI either….

3. 1 x long kimono coat to be aquired

4. 3 x very fancy and expensive obiage/obijime sets to be had. When I say expensive we are looking at a £100 budget each. One red/white, one red/black and one a damn fancy colour. I will checkout yahoo auctions before I go for brand new of course.

5. Synthetic Mans kimono set.

and that’s it – for the whole of 2012. I am directing money at things I have been hankering for over past 18 months, as well as a summer trip volunteering in Japan which will put me back £1200 probably.

My husband and I are saving for a really nice tourist trip to Japan for 10 days (Tokyo and Kyoto) so I need to be very VERY good with my money.

Also my need to further myself with the Japanese language will also trump kimono purchases.

Resolution No.6 – A dreaded resolution that involves clearing out and selling off kimono I know I will not wear. My style is starting to define itself a lot more and previous purchases are not in tune… I will part ways with them!


*The photo is from the recent Kimono De Jack at the Birmingham Christmas Markets.