Synthetic Polyester Kimono

When you first delve into kimono you normally start with a nice washable cotton yukata kimono. Easy to wear and err…washable! Then when you have found *the love* you think about a real kimono. You always start off as a bit of a silk snob, however only being able to afford vintage variable condition kimono.

However, the unsung hero of my kimono closet (tansu if I had one) is the synthetic polyester kimono. Washable and affordable new.

Now as with anything, there is good and bad. If you buy a £30 polyester kimono expect Primark quality. Don’t get me wrong, I have a kimono and haori in very cheap material for work and ‘town wear’ for when the weather is truly nasty.

However for between £50-£70 you can get some really nice funky modern kimono, check this shop on Rakuten. There are even some kimono AND obi sets!

I am gunning for one of their £108 kimono in the featured image material. Blue and bats – that’s a birthday present if every I saw one. My husband already knows and has started saving 🙂

Komon or ‘fine pattern’ as the category structure goes on Rakuten is the best place to look for synthetic kimono as well as following from the link on the main kimono home page. If you want a new kimono on a limited budget, this is the way.

Don’t be afraid of the washable, bomb proof synthetic kimono available out there!