Kimono Lunch/Meetup Birmingham

We have found another member who wears kimono in my local area so I set up a lunch with the three of us (making 4 kimono wearers):

If you are based in or around Birmingham, West  Midlands (UK) we are meeting at Woktastic, Paradise Forum at around 1pm.

Its not an exclusive event but the kimono theme will be prominent!

However it is a local lunch for local people, capiche!

If you want national events there is always kimono de jack UK!!!


Kimono de Jack Birmingham (UK)

Well it was a great day out as always. We ate sausage, had chocolate covered fruit, mulled wine, waffles, Dutch pancakes and visited the Staffordshire hoard. Fortunately I kept myself to a sausage and chocolate covered fruit as as the following photos prove…..I really have put on weight and need to do something about it 🙁

We have new members though, so our outing totalled 8! 9 with a long suffering kimono other half belonging to Hong. My kimono was synthetic purple base with funky 1960’s mod type dots and a polka dot juban and collar. My coat was a superb $0.99 buy from eBay and has cherries on it. I really want a cherry kimono. The photos are by Lyuba

Notice that the white wall in the background has NOTHING, I said NOTHING on my complexion.

Also the day before was the party and kimono/kitsuke demo but once Lyuba has her photos of the group up I will do a post about that one. But this was my kimono ensemble:

Also if you feel the need for some kimono/Christmas related cheer, here is a good Christmas and kimono shot of Lyuba:

Kimono de Jack Christmas postcard material!

April also posted this picture of my taiko musubi which looks surprisingly neat even though I had such a fuss to get it right. My obi was thinner than most, stupidly long and I broke my makura. I was trying to do a nijuudaiko musubi, but failed!