The adventures of Baka-Hime….

She went out last night with her boyfreind ‘Baka-Homme’ and donned by beautiful purple furisode:

Baka Hime Furisode (2)

and blue/gold fukuro obi which is currently my favourite none the less:

Baka Hime Furisode

and today she is out shopping:

Baka-Hime is off to the shops

Baka-hime is just going shopping

This Nagoya has leather detail.

Currently, these are my two obi styles (and a yukata bunko) that I know for myself off my heart. I normally need books for other variations however I know plump sparrow also without a book so I will try that on Ba-Hi soon when she goes out again….probably for a formal dinner party in my houmongi.

Geishaface Kitsuke, Kimono, Life

I started this blog because I have a terrible need to talk about kimono. I don’t care if you are listening or not, its my obsession. A friend of mine recently described me as a 30 year old that thinks she’s Geisha (and she was a 30 year old who thinks she is a sailor, but that’s another story) so this is my outlet.

I started my love of kimonos at the age of 18, but it didn’t really manifest itself into an obsession until 2 years ago.

Now I have over 70 kimono.

I know most of the kimono rules, but for me kimono is fashion so you will see me mixing formalities, flouting the rules and adding a gothic/loli/cyber twist to ensembles.

Enjoy, and comment if you have the urge