Obi’s with Gold, a Wardrobe Staple

Fukuro Obi, Pink and Gold

I have many obi’s with a lot of gold. I don’t know why as normally gold is not a colour I like in normal attire. Cold golds are my favourite, not brassy colours.

I have a yellow gold and colder ‘silver gold’ nagoya obi which makes kitsuke quite easy as they match pretty much every kimono I have.

However, a girl yearns for more beauty and pattern sometimes and I acquired these two obi. I already have obijime and obiage that will match these and my green accessories set will contrast also.
Fukuro Obi, Gold and Blue
If you are cursed with more kimono than accessories like me, a gold obi, quite plain saves your bacon as it can be dressed up or dressed down. It offers the contrast needed as you don’t get many heavily gold kimono, and even with a lighter kimono, you can make the obi jump out with bright obiage and obijime.

Go for gold, they all seem quite cheap also, my favourite gold obi was $6.