Kimono De Jack is 3 years old this year!

Our next meet up at Hyper Japan is very soon but I have just created our 3rd Anniversary Meetup at Japan Matsuri (5th October, London)age-3-birthday-foil-6000057-0-1348496708000

Check out the facebook group for details!

Reminder about what KDJ actually IS:

Kimono de Jack is an event for people who love kimono and need more reasons to wear it 🙂

Feel free to join us in one of our little outings, we always welcome new faces. Alternatively, why not organise one yourself and then let us know about.

Happy Kimono Wearing ^_^

*Although Kimono de Jack in itself is free and there is not charge to attend, some (or all) members choose to go places that might require a payment. If you would like to participate in these optional events during Kimono de Jack, please make sure you bring enough funds to cover the payments. Usually, these places or events will be listed in the description. If not, then at least plan on getting lunch with everyone.*

You can follow our outings via twitter

Or via blogger

either way, we want to join all kimono lovers in UK