My Time in Ishinomaki-Shi – Monday making furniture and house clearance

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On the Monday we first started off by visiting and delivering materials for a local school.


This nursery school had combined with another that had been destroyed in the tsunami. Quite a few of these children had lost a parent to the disaster, but all were happy and enjoying their morning exercise.

After this we joined forces with the Ishinomaki volunteer center and a few of us did a bit of house salvage.

In the afternoon we joined the rest of the team on the Ishinomaki Laboratory building furniture for people in temporary housing.




We went to Karaoke on that night which was fun after a hard days work 🙂

Two more days to tell you about, I know I am dragging this out but I run out of time quickly in my life!

Keep track of the real situation with the Japan tsunami volunteer effort in Ishinomaki though the INJM website.