Kimono, a dying art and the international comminity

“We desperately need to encourage more young people to embrace the kimono, train more young craftsmen and diversify by selling our beautiful textiles internationally.”

“It’s important for the kimono industry to evolve and modernise in order to survive,” said the younger Mr Komiya. “Traditional craftsmanship should ideally be passed on from generation to generation, but this is not going to be possible in the future.”

“Kimono makers need to seek customers abroad, said Chie Hayakawa, communications director at the Mandarin Oriental hotel where last week’s events were being held. “Kimonos are exquisitely beautiful, made from the finest silks in the world,” she said. “These handcrafted fabrics should be more widely used internationally, with more collaborations with high profile fashion designers. There is so much potential.”

This was a article from 2 years ago so according to this kimono as a traditional craft has about 8 years left. I am trying to find a more up to date article to see how the industry is looking but from the British media articles this year, it’s still in decline.


My Time in Ishinomaki-Shi – Monday making furniture and house clearance

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On the Monday we first started off by visiting and delivering materials for a local school.


This nursery school had combined with another that had been destroyed in the tsunami. Quite a few of these children had lost a parent to the disaster, but all were happy and enjoying their morning exercise.

After this we joined forces with the Ishinomaki volunteer center and a few of us did a bit of house salvage.

In the afternoon we joined the rest of the team on the Ishinomaki Laboratory building furniture for people in temporary housing.




We went to Karaoke on that night which was fun after a hard days work 🙂

Two more days to tell you about, I know I am dragging this out but I run out of time quickly in my life!

Keep track of the real situation with the Japan tsunami volunteer effort in Ishinomaki though the INJM website.

Thoughts are with you (Earthquake/Tsunami in Japan)

My thoughts are with you, most of the people I know in the region and pacific areas are in Tokyo or substantially inland and have been accounted for. I still fear Tsunami and aftershocks but my friends are ready for evacuation and the buildings and infrastructure has held up in Japan. A testament to the engineering talents in Japan.

If you do pray, pray for those near the epicentre who we don’t know about yet.

Please keep updated here : and find friends or family :

I will post any help we can offer the Japanese people in the aftermath of this disaster. Lives and livelihoods will need to be rebuilt.

From the foreign office:

The Foreign Office has given the following guidance:

British nationals should make contact with the British Embassy in Tokyo on +(81) 3 5211 1100 or the Consulate-General in Osaka +(81) 6 6120 5600 and monitor local TV and radio for evacuation information
Friends and relatives of those in Japan can contact the Foreign Office in the UK on 020 7008 1500
Radio stations in the Tokyo area that have emergency information in English include the US Armed Forces station at 810AM and InterFM (76.1FM)
British Nationals at evacuation sites should co-operate with the Japanese authorities and clearly identify themselves as British
Those connected with larger organisations such as companies, schools or church groups should also try to let these organisations know of their situation if possible