Long Vintage Meisen Haori

I don’t wear haori often and only like the long bright coloured haori for which I always seem to go for meisen:

Recent finds:

Long Meisen haori

Long Meisen Haori

The first one will work well with my black/red ensembles as I wear this colourway often. I also wear a lot of purple/blue these days so the second haori will match here. I would like a yuzen dyed long haori but these are harder to find and more delicate. I am not sure I would find a kimono day where I could wear one! Meisen however, is more harder and easier to clean.

Kimono Coats, not rain coats – real winter ones!

Its freezing in the UK, but a girl still needs to get out her snow boots and wear kimono! A real kimono coat and one that I will save up for and buy at some point is a beast like this:

which is £160 and plus probably about £40 EMS shipping. This is a purchase for when I am RICH! So how can a girl still get a coat for kimono?

Well, the recent fashion for cape coats gives you the answer, on eBay from £30 and in shops from £80 you can get a fashionable but ‘no sleeves’ kimono friendly coat! Primark had some really cheap ones, but I think they got snapped up pretty quickly, but a wool cape coat was £20. If the fashion continues, there maybe more available next year.

Cape coats cover the top half of you, so if you wear a AMA coat underneath to protect from rain/snow and your boots you should be kimono cosy. If you know you are not going to a heated place you can always wear leggings under your kimono or tights. This is a great fix for winter shopping where you may only be stopping for hot chocolate somewhere that’s warm.

So keeping warm in kimono shouldn’t cost £200, it can cost as little as £22 if you shop in Primark! (Coat and leggings!)