Occasion for Kimono

Off to Asda in my rainy day kitsuke!Kimono de jack is a once a month reason to wear kimono with the comfort of others in the same attire around you. However, many struggle with finding occasions outside this and also the confidence. I might be a self confessed shameless fruit loop but I wear kimono everywhere I can.

This is my ASDA shopping outfit on the right and on the left my winter yofuku/wafuku mix.
Winter Tesco Kitsuke!

Again I was going to a super market but this time walking to Tesco, with a matching jumper on underneath.

I wear kimono when out with friends also, when out to dinner and visiting my mother. Kimono is a surprisingly versatile garment and above all its fashion just like jeans and t-shirt.

The more you wear kimono, the better you look in it, the more natural and the more comfortable you feel. Kimono cover all seasons and temperatures because of the layering system and different materials.

This year I plan to be better equipped for summer with two new yukata and a further ro kimono. I also plan to take these on holiday with me. What’s better than a yukata on a beach and walking through the trinket shops. Your cool AND covered so you don’t get burnt. With a big hat your invincible!

So even if you don’t have a kimono de jack or friends who also enjoy wearing kimono, you love it so wear it! Buying clothes not to wear is silly.