Kimono at the Victoria and Albert Museum

Well Kimono de Jack was at the Victoria and Albert museum saturday and we were horrified that the fashion segments was closed until May 🙁

We still had the Japanese exhibit and more photos can be found here.

However, we provided our own fashion:

kimono de jack

Purple Kitsuke; KDJ

Kitsuke in the V and A

I had not worn my purple hitoe kimono before but I love it. Slightly too narrow but a bit more weight loss will see the front panel slide across more 🙂

As you can see the UK KDJ fashion is an eclectic mix of traditional, taisho, hime and modern themes. We all sport our own style.

I am having a love affair with pink and purple at the moment, probably due to the Cath Kidston fabric fetish I had a month back!

It has been a kimono filled week, as I went to a conference in kimono Wednesday and have ANOTHER kimono event this Saturday!

Missing Kimono De Jack this Saturday..

Unfortunately due to expensive car screw ups costing me near £500, I decided to save my pennies and not attend KDJ in London Saturday. However, it doesn’t mean you should go…yes YOU!

Get your ass down to KDJ and celebrate kimono goodness 🙂

January 22, 2011

Barbican Art Gallery (click the link for directions)
Please note that this is a ticketed event, so you will have to purchase a ticket yourself.

11 – 2pm
We will be meeting at Liverpool Tube station at 11am and then going to Barbican. You can either meet us there, or go straight to Barbican but we will arrive a little later.

See here :

*Update on the event with pictures*

Kimono de Jack Birmingham (UK)

Well it was a great day out as always. We ate sausage, had chocolate covered fruit, mulled wine, waffles, Dutch pancakes and visited the Staffordshire hoard. Fortunately I kept myself to a sausage and chocolate covered fruit as as the following photos prove…..I really have put on weight and need to do something about it 🙁

We have new members though, so our outing totalled 8! 9 with a long suffering kimono other half belonging to Hong. My kimono was synthetic purple base with funky 1960’s mod type dots and a polka dot juban and collar. My coat was a superb $0.99 buy from eBay and has cherries on it. I really want a cherry kimono. The photos are by Lyuba

Notice that the white wall in the background has NOTHING, I said NOTHING on my complexion.

Also the day before was the party and kimono/kitsuke demo but once Lyuba has her photos of the group up I will do a post about that one. But this was my kimono ensemble:

Also if you feel the need for some kimono/Christmas related cheer, here is a good Christmas and kimono shot of Lyuba:

Kimono de Jack Christmas postcard material!

April also posted this picture of my taiko musubi which looks surprisingly neat even though I had such a fuss to get it right. My obi was thinner than most, stupidly long and I broke my makura. I was trying to do a nijuudaiko musubi, but failed!

Kimono De Jack November Meetup

Sitting in my child’s furisode that I call a bathrobe, I am reflecting on yesterdays events. Yesterday I decided that I would start to invest time in teleportation technology, testing it on myself, negating the fatal flaw of my molecules being mixed up and ending up a blob of meat at Camden town station. Why you ask? Because I spent a total of 9 hours travelling due to engineering works to be able to spend 3 hours with the girls at KDJ.

It didn’t start out well, the cats were against me going out so I had to throw up my kimono in the air and how it landed was how I was walking out the door. I ended up having 30 minutes to dress in two kimono.

So onto the ensemble anyway…black meisen kimono with white and red waffle style dots with a hint of blue in the middle. This is me with Hong and Isla in Camden, next to a horses head. There were at LOT of such items, stables market has changed since the last time I went, it is more vibrant but also more maze like!

This kimono is normally a tight fit but over a second kimono it opened up a bit much and I could not get a proper line. Two kimono are bulky, I might just invest in thermals for winter kimono outings!

We also went to a green tea bar and I had a green tea with strawberries and cream cocktail.

Then to a restaurant in which we were joined by another kimonoite…

(Photos by April)