February Kimono De Jack at Cadbury World!

When 19th Feb 11:00.

Time to let out your inner child and run riot in Cadbury World.

Adult – £14.30
Children – £10.40 (just in case you have kids and you want to bring them along)

There is a 5% discount when you book online and type in the code “web” or save 30% when travelling by train http://www.daysoutguide.co.uk/cadbury-world

I am going to be very Cadbury and wear purple.

It’s cold and raining – Winter for Kimono De Jack

Well, it rained on the first kimono de jack and the weather is getting colder. So the next “KDJ” on the 13th of November needs to be catered for. EMS shipping is the only way to get your winter kimono warmers before that date!

So, what do we need:

1. Rain Geta

It rains in the UK and getting wet tabi is no fun. When searching for any kimono item it is best to first navigate straight to the Rakuten kimono page :http://event.rakuten.co.jp/borderless/kimono/ and use the ‘Japanese sandals’ section in ‘Kimono items by Category’.

The kanji is already inserted for you but we need to add to this. I will add the kanji ‘for rain’

(All kanji will be included in a pdf at the end of this post so you can copy and paste)

Now the search results will show waterproof coverings and rain geta. A UK size 7 is best to get a 25cm or large pair, but measure the length of your foot to make sure. Geta and Zori sizes differ from western so take heed of the measurements provided. A pair of Zori roughly weigh 300g so expect the shipping to be £11/12.

2. AMA or Kimono Rain Coat

To find this we are going to use the ‘for rain’ kanji again, but this time directly in the kimono category:

and you will find an array of colours and styles. Rain coats are very light normally so will come up at about 200-300g for shipping.

3. Kimono Shawl

Finding kimono shawls is also super easy, by just using the kanji for shawl in the main kimono category.

and you get an array of items from fluffy to regular shawls.

So there you have it, easy as pie to find winter kimono goods to keep you warm and dry in the great British weather!

And just to promote Kimono De Jack UK again, here are some shots!

Kanji: here