Summer Striped Sha Kimono

Lyuba over at Strawberry Kimono is a stripe fanatic when it comes to kimono and during her stripes fetish she came across some very thin silk summer kimono which were kinsha and not ro. I have one kinsha kimono but it is lined.

Unfortunately these kimono don’t suit my wingspan at all, so its not like I can just ‘hime’ the kitsuke as they are too short, they are mostly just too small.

However, I have found a suitable candidate – 153cm and 65cm shoulder to end of sleeve. That is if the measurements are correct!

Striped Summer Sha Kimono

Striped Summer Sha Kimono

I would really like a kimono with chunkier stripes but size is most important. I buy a new summer kimono each year and this is 2012’s. Last year it was yukata for a workshop which I have actually wore 2 of the yukata personally and about to use the other in a photoshoot so I get my wear out of them. Even if summer has abandoned the UK.

Fortunately I love yukata (some kimono enthusiasts don’t care for them at all) so I never lack a kimono for holidays, the summer or picnic environments.

Here is a Kimono De Jack picnic on a rare wonderful day not so long back:

This was a yukata bought for dressing workshops but as I wash yukata they have a certain lifespan. I have three I am wearing in rotation which I don’t need to wash as I wear undergarments, and one yukata I wash all the time which is reserved for those really hot days you can’t bear wearing anything but 1 layer. I will wash and iron the others at the end of summer and put them away ready for next.