Kimono Seasons February Red Blossom Plum – Crimson and Purple

Red FurisodeCarrying on the theme of seasons we get to Feb.

Well, I have plum blossom kimono and purple kimono, but together? I am not sure on the blossoms but this furisode seems to be my only option, coupled with a nice purple obi would suffice.

Or possibly this furisode? Is that the correct blossom I see on the left?

I don’t have any red ‘day’ kimono really, as they don’t seem to match the aesthetics in the UK and there are not a lot kicking around on the vintage circuit.

Red Furisode Kimono

So how about the UK? I speak on the seasons for Japan but how about on my native soil?

For February I would choose the snowdrop. Several gardens in the UK open specially in February for visitors to admire the blanket of white.

I missed a January recommendation, but I would say ferns and pheasants mean the start of the new year for me. Memories of a New Years Day walk in the woods from my childhood.
First Houmongi
This kimono motif was almost made for those memories, and its why I brought it.

For me this kimono means the new year and not pine.

Kimono Seasons January – Pine: Sprout Green and Deep Purple

Winter Weave KimonoWell, as a collector I should ready make sure I have an ensemble for each season, if only a single one. I have my fair share of purple kimono and this one is my deepest I think.

I am lacking any pine motif but I have sprout green accessories. At Christmas I was a little more ‘January’, in theory you are supposed to be a bit early to show knowledge of the coming season.

This furisode has many motifs on it, one of those modern ‘all season’ kimono. It has fans, various blossom (peach and cherry), wisteria amongst other things. So i can match up colours for January but I am lacking on the correct motifs.
Christmas kimono
I hope to remember to post per month!