Modern Kabuki Themed Kimono Fashion Photoshoot!

I have been having all the fun at the fair with my recent kimono shoot! Are these not fab! Head over toΒ Eclectic Kimono to see the shoot in its full glory! Great news about these images too…they are FREE STOCK images. No monies just a credit needed.

Free Kimono Stock Image

Free Kimono Stock Image

MUA: Gemma Sutton
Wardrobe: Elizabeth Hitchins
Model: Jennifer Lee Moon MOT Models
Photographer: Sian Robertson
Retouch: Yunona Reznichenko

Okii Tabi for clown feet….aka size UK 6 and above :)

Lately I have been obsessed with Tabi. I need a 25-26cm tabi and I have trouble finding ones outside the ‘white’ arena.

So I have been stalking and dying my own:

okii tabi! 25cm

25cm tabi I snagged from Tosen on Rakuten, he has limited stocks on the big sizes so you have to look at the right time.

My first patterned tabi - 26cm

These are a bit big at 26cm but were really cheap so I will shrink them after the first wear.

Dyed old and new tabi!

A new way of putting new life into old tabi and jazzing up boring white tabi. The older ones which I have repaired twice already are the darker colour and I have had these around 3 years. I must have worn them over 40 times by now! They were greying so the blue has given them a new lease of life.

The tabi that came out lighter are new. Washed just the once. The older tabi are probably more porous by now due to wear.

I used Dylon hand wash dye in Bahama blue, and have intense violet and tuplip red ready to do some more dye runs. I have always wanted purple and red tabi so this is my way.

As you can dye a sink full of stuff in a run the bathroom towels are getting a funky makeover πŸ™‚ Why buy new when you can DYE your existing ones funky colours!

Of course, this DOES open a can of tie dye possibilities for tabi which I will fully explore once I have my red and purple tabi πŸ™‚