Kimono at the Victoria and Albert Museum

Well Kimono de Jack was at the Victoria and Albert museum saturday and we were horrified that the fashion segments was closed until May 🙁

We still had the Japanese exhibit and more photos can be found here.

However, we provided our own fashion:

kimono de jack

Purple Kitsuke; KDJ

Kitsuke in the V and A

I had not worn my purple hitoe kimono before but I love it. Slightly too narrow but a bit more weight loss will see the front panel slide across more 🙂

As you can see the UK KDJ fashion is an eclectic mix of traditional, taisho, hime and modern themes. We all sport our own style.

I am having a love affair with pink and purple at the moment, probably due to the Cath Kidston fabric fetish I had a month back!

It has been a kimono filled week, as I went to a conference in kimono Wednesday and have ANOTHER kimono event this Saturday!

Kimono De Jack at Cadbury World

So ‘de jack’ arrived at Cadbury world for a chocolicious event. Due to the nature of the event we all chose synthetic or yukata as we through there was a danger of choco-kimono accidents!

Our tour was thankfully booked and six of us saved 30% using a voucher in conjunction with our train tickets.

The tour took around 1.5hrs and highlights included melted chocolate and Lyuba, Mio and April turning themselves into chocolate figures!

We also saw chocolate SHOES, which Lyuba particularly liked.

We missed out the essence part of Cadbury world as it was nearing 3pm and we were hungry. So we totted off to Woktastic and met up with two additional kimono wearers making a group of 8 for kimono de jack.

We were joined by Sheila Cliffe of the facebook page Kimono who is studying kimono for her PhD and we took part in a study group to help her with her research.

If you are in the UK and love kimono, you can join us even if you don’t wear kimono! If you are stuck or nervous about wearing kimono our group is scattered across the country and will always help.

The next ‘de jack’ is not far away at the Manchester Antique Textile Fair on the 6th March. Here is the website link to the fair:

*Photos by April