I don’t think I will ever stop….

I seemed to manage last years resolutions…I am learning Japanese, I have lost 30lbs BUT my kimono habit is still my vice!

Evidence from the last few months:

Silver and Black Nagoya Obi

163cm Kimono

Red/Black Meisen

Kinchaku Bag

Kinchaku Bag

Black Nagoya

Wool Juban

Princess Obi!

Bright Pink Obi

Stripy Obi

Kinchaku Bag

HELP! I have a problem and I am in denial.

My New Years resolutions will have to be tighter:

– Lose 10lbs more
– Increase my vocabulary and focus on reading and writing in Japanese.

However, on a positive note I got each and every one for $20 or under. The bags were $10, kimono $20 and obi $5 or $10!

Kimono, a dying art and the international comminity

“We desperately need to encourage more young people to embrace the kimono, train more young craftsmen and diversify by selling our beautiful textiles internationally.”

“It’s important for the kimono industry to evolve and modernise in order to survive,” said the younger Mr Komiya. “Traditional craftsmanship should ideally be passed on from generation to generation, but this is not going to be possible in the future.”

“Kimono makers need to seek customers abroad, said Chie Hayakawa, communications director at the Mandarin Oriental hotel where last week’s events were being held. “Kimonos are exquisitely beautiful, made from the finest silks in the world,” she said. “These handcrafted fabrics should be more widely used internationally, with more collaborations with high profile fashion designers. There is so much potential.”


This was a article from 2 years ago so according to this kimono as a traditional craft has about 8 years left. I am trying to find a more up to date article to see how the industry is looking but from the British media articles this year, it’s still in decline.


A Japanese rock band releasing an album in the UK? (Gazette, Division)

Yes indeedy, with an oiran themed cover I might add.

JPU Records is a newly established record label based in the UK. Our first release, DIVISION by the GazettE is out now from iTunes (http://goo.gl/C66h5), Amazon MP3 (http://goo.gl/0jnHA) and available to pre-order on CD http://goo.gl/JLzYn

and a video:

Give some love to a new British company on facebook: http://www.facebook.com/JPUrecords

Kimono de Corset at the Sparklewren Boutique Opening with Immodesty Blaize

Isla and I donned our kimono and corsets for the fabulous Pop Up boutique opening for Sparklewren corsets.

Self-taught corsetiere Jenni Hampshire created Sparklewren in 2009 as she is happiest producing dreamy, labour-intensive, droplets of sparkling corset loveliness. She works from her home-studio in Birmingham, UK.

Exceptionally nipped-in waists and beautifully sloping sweetheart lines are further enhanced through intricately cut and invisibly hand-stitched lace (antique or contemporary), placed to visually accentuate the hourglass figure. True Swarovski crystals in complementary shades twinkle like stars or snowflakes across the surface. Cotton coutil provides the strength of your corset whilst silk provides the beauty, sleekly shining or subtly shimmering as you move.

The guest model was Immodesty Blaize who is now on my ‘people to get in kimono’ list as she would make a fabulous Oiran!

Photos from the event:






The pop up boutique is only open for around 6 months in the heart of Birmingham (right next to Snow hill station) so if you want you go you have to be snappy!


Cheap kimono are the best kimono…

$7 Synthetic Komon

They are…for just $7 you can get a nice synthetic komon…and I got 20 obijime for $14 too:

$7 Obiage lot

£7 Obiage Lot

I will bundle up the unwanted of the obijime for selling. It was the gold/silver, purple and mint green that caught my eye.

I am really into the round twisted obi-jime at the moment, I love how they stand out. My favourite obijime have been these type or my really big flat ones!

You always need more accessories….

Obiage and Obijime are the life blood of an outfit but until you really delve into Kimono you don’t realise it. I mostly have bright accessories but I have been going through a pastel phase for obiage so now for obijime to match.

obijime (5)

obijime (4)

obijime (3)

obijime (2)

obijime (1)

Because I wear really bright colours all the time it is sometimes nice to contrast with softer colours!