Friday Kitsuke Evening and Fashion Show…

Well, the fashion show bit is that we will be wearing kimono.

Kitsuke Demonstration at the Brasshouse (Birmingham) Friday 10th December 7pm. Bring drinks and snacks as it is also a mini Christmas party for Eiwakai- Birmingham Japan Society.

I have decided due to the freezing weather to wear Furisode for the kitsuke evening and kimono and hakama for kimono de jack the next day.

Come along all kimono fanciers and kitsuke devils and enjoy the ride!

No Kimono this weekend…

Oh yes, a kimono free weekend for me as I am going to spend the weekend having my hair cut and making dreadlocks. I have worn kimono once this week so I don’t feel I am neglecting my art. Kitsuke is an art it needs practise and attention, and I imagine its going to be a while yet till I am happy with my skill. I can dress other people beautifully but its all about dressing yourself as perfectly as you would dress another.

I might dress up in the kimono I am donating to the kitsuke evening in December so I can do a little advertising on this blog to get people interesting in visiting Birmingham for the night and getting involved. Its only £2 to go and a £1 a strip for the raffle tickets. Hopefully we will see some kanzashi and other kimono bits and bobs donated too.

The featured image is from my teal modern furisode that I might wear to Kimono de Jack Birmingham!