No Kimono this weekend…

Oh yes, a kimono free weekend for me as I am going to spend the weekend having my hair cut and making dreadlocks. I have worn kimono once this week so I don’t feel I am neglecting my art. Kitsuke is an art it needs practise and attention, and I imagine its going to be a while yet till I am happy with my skill. I can dress other people beautifully but its all about dressing yourself as perfectly as you would dress another.

I might dress up in the kimono I am donating to the kitsuke evening in December so I can do a little advertising on this blog to get people interesting in visiting Birmingham for the night and getting involved. Its only £2 to go and a £1 a strip for the raffle tickets. Hopefully we will see some kanzashi and other kimono bits and bobs donated too.

The featured image is from my teal modern furisode that I might wear to Kimono de Jack Birmingham!