Kimono Sellers Disappearing!

The US Kimono seller ‘Kimono Lily’ is having a closing down sale, I won’t miss kimono lily but buyer in the US will. Is this the global recession finally biting the vintage kimono business?

Two sellers have recently merge and another has taken its operation off eBay. Soon we shall be restricted to Rakuten and Japan Yahoo Auctions if other sellers follow suit on eBay.

Kimono are not fetching the prices as I have won far too many items the last few weeks for $0.99, something that was a rarity 6 months ago.

For me, who already has a substantial collection this is not a worry but newer kimono lovers may find it harder in the future to fuel their passion. Currently, I bet you can get a full kimono ensemble for £100 with accessories and everything if you are clever and above all patient.

For example, all prices include shipping…

I have brought a:
1. Kimono and obi for £23 (same seller)
2. Juban WITH haneri for £7
3. You can get a full kitsuke set with everything you need for £32 (yume-kimono)
4. There are many obijime/obiage sets on eBay for around £20.
5. Tabi, you can get cheap ones for £5
6. You might go £10 over budget getting a pair of Geta 🙂 for about £25.

So £112 will get you a whole kimono set. You can collect things over time, to spread the cost. However, this is all currently on eBay. Less sellers the higher the prices will rise due to demand so the sellers that weather the recession will do well.

So if you are thinking of a kimono set, act now as in 6 months time I think things will be very different.

P.S, my $0.99 kimono is pictured 🙂

How did you learn Kitsuke?

Its a well know fact that you can’t just plonk on a kimono or even yukata. It is an art and skill which needs patience and years of practise. I learnt my kitsuke skill from books, DVD’s and using general guides from the Immortal Geisha community.

However, watching someone else is the best way to learn. You can see how to wear a yukata here:

I still dress to this video from time to time even after three years as it never hurts to refresh your technique.

Here is a formal kuro-tomesode kitsuke video which I particularly like, which shows silk kimono dressing:

It takes a while to learn kitsuke, and you will keep learning for many years especially as there are hundreds of different obi arrangements to try!