Kimono Shopping List and New Buys

This is just so I have a physical note of what I need next!

1. 2x Fake collar (spotted some cool ones cheap on Rakuten)
2. 2x Yukata
3. Purple/Pink Shibori Nagoya
4. Tsumugi Kimono

After that I am pretty much done buying kimono things. Maybe another kimono bra and a few more tabi as mine get worn out. I do at some point want to save for a synthetic Geisha stage kimono but that would be a £500 investment that unless it will bring in money (used for dressing) I won’t do it.

My collection can’t get any bigger, my new rule is if I want a new kimono I have to sell off items to make space. I sold 9 kimono and about 6 obi at kitacon so I have brought:

Ro Obijime/Obiage Set

And a Chidori Bag

The rest of the money made has been re-invested in stock to sell and also holiday money! I sold kimono that I was not wearing or were too short/small and invested in a few items I will probably now wear and use to death. I mean, those synthetic hitoe are going to be common kimono de jack pieces during spring matched with different accessories.

Kimono De Jack at Cadbury World

So ‘de jack’ arrived at Cadbury world for a chocolicious event. Due to the nature of the event we all chose synthetic or yukata as we through there was a danger of choco-kimono accidents!

Our tour was thankfully booked and six of us saved 30% using a voucher in conjunction with our train tickets.

The tour took around 1.5hrs and highlights included melted chocolate and Lyuba, Mio and April turning themselves into chocolate figures!

We also saw chocolate SHOES, which Lyuba particularly liked.

We missed out the essence part of Cadbury world as it was nearing 3pm and we were hungry. So we totted off to Woktastic and met up with two additional kimono wearers making a group of 8 for kimono de jack.

We were joined by Sheila Cliffe of the facebook page Kimono who is studying kimono for her PhD and we took part in a study group to help her with her research.

If you are in the UK and love kimono, you can join us even if you don’t wear kimono! If you are stuck or nervous about wearing kimono our group is scattered across the country and will always help.

The next ‘de jack’ is not far away at the Manchester Antique Textile Fair on the 6th March. Here is the website link to the fair:

*Photos by April

Obi’s with Gold, a Wardrobe Staple

Fukuro Obi, Pink and Gold

I have many obi’s with a lot of gold. I don’t know why as normally gold is not a colour I like in normal attire. Cold golds are my favourite, not brassy colours.

I have a yellow gold and colder ‘silver gold’ nagoya obi which makes kitsuke quite easy as they match pretty much every kimono I have.

However, a girl yearns for more beauty and pattern sometimes and I acquired these two obi. I already have obijime and obiage that will match these and my green accessories set will contrast also.
Fukuro Obi, Gold and Blue
If you are cursed with more kimono than accessories like me, a gold obi, quite plain saves your bacon as it can be dressed up or dressed down. It offers the contrast needed as you don’t get many heavily gold kimono, and even with a lighter kimono, you can make the obi jump out with bright obiage and obijime.

Go for gold, they all seem quite cheap also, my favourite gold obi was $6.

Getting friends into kimono, what you need….

OK, well when a friend asks me to help with a kimono set, they normally think you just need the kimono and obi. So here is a list of what a girl needs for a average kimono ensemble.

1. Kimono (duh!)

Green Iromuji

2. Obi

Purple Nagoya Obi

3. Obiage

pale yellow obiage

4. Obijime

Obijime Set $5

5. Obi makura


6. Obi ita


7. Juban with haneri

New Han eri sewn on today!

New Juban

8. Hadajuban (you can get away with not wearing this if your juban is synthetic)


9. Up to 5 koshi himo


10. 2 datejime


11. Eri Shin


For me Tabi and Geta/Zori are optional as quite often I wear boots.

This is what my average kimono ensemble entails. Start collecting!

Kimono and loosing weight!

Kimono are forgiving when it comes to the extra pound or two creeping on, but unfortunately their counterpart the obi is not.

However there are ways and means of wearing that shorter obi or if you have had a bit of a mad stint over christmas and widened your girth 🙂

Two tools I use are and obi clip and magic obi aid makura pillow similar to one I am selling on the right. Both of these secure the obi and allow for extra length.

The obi makura pillow combo also helps you tie elaborate obi bows that you can’t tie by yourself. The example shown was my first attempt at a tubby sparrow!

I reserve such creations for clubbing and formal occasions. The obi aid is also good for the normal taiko knot.

If you want to do a bunko obi, you might struggle with the length but you can try the obi clip. the top of the clip is shaped the way it is because the obi makura pillow sits at the top and it keeps it high.

Well there you go, so even if your not on a punishing diet all over Christmas like myself (loosing 2lb a week currently) and put on a few pounds, there are still ways and means of wearing that short obi!

Ro, Ro, Ro your boat, gently down the stream….

Ro HitoeI didn’t misspell row. Its a play on a gauze like summer kimono material! I have finally uploaded my Ro collection to flickr and just wanted to show you.

On my right is a lovely lilac Ro hitoe kimono which I got for a stupidly low price on auction. The featured image was the same, below $10. I do wonder about lighter colours so this was a bit of an impulse bid.

I have two ro obi but no ro obiage or obijime which I will fix at some point but I am not going to worry too much about it. I will probably go for for a cream colour in both or a very neutral colour so I only need to have one set.

It doesn’t get that hot in the UK and yukata are fun and cheaper to accessorise. They are also a lot easier to get 🙂

My first kimono was a yukata and pre-tied obi, they are easy to learn kitsuke in. My first awase kimono was synthetic as I was too worried about the expense, condition and fragility of vintage silk kimono. Long gone are those days 🙂

Kimono Envy at Yo Sushi

After eating a hideously large bowl of edamame for lunch I remembered the tail end of kimono de jack last week. Dawn and I went to Yo Sushi in full KDJ get up and we were faced by one of the waitresses wearing a hideous silk kimono bathrobe with faux geisha style makeup.

You don’t know what one of those looks like?

Well even with ‘bathrobe kimonos’ you can have nice ones:

and the 99p ones you get off eBay which I can’t bring myself to feature.

This was the latter, although a nice gesture – in such a place (eating) a clingy satin robe probably should not be worn. As the description goes ‘as a stylish alternative to a dressing gown or bathrobe.’

Call me a kimono snob, but a bit of care and a nice yukata with obi would have done wonders in replacement.

Coming onto the kimono envy, before we had finished (within 30 minutes) she had removed all trace and looked rather sheepish.

Now…..I have been accused of cultural appropriation because I wear real kimono and sometimes goth it up (although no one has ever moaned about that side, only my traditional kitsuke!), let alone the image that the poor girl was probably unaware she was portraying.

Yo Sushi, make a kimono snob happy and give your staff guidelines on these things!


Where I buy yukata : – they have ALL you will need plus a few videos. As cheap as $39.99!

Kitacon here we come! 1st-3rd April 2011

Oh dear, well they have let us have two tables so Lyuba, Hong, Isla, April and myself will be dressing people in gorgeous kimono and taking photos for a price. We have not sorted the details yet but I will make you aware of them in the coming future.

So if you are one of those lucky 800 people going to Kitacon in Birmingham – come and be dressed in wonderful kimono and have your picture taken! We will only be able to dress two bodies at a time and we will be showing off male AND female kitsuke.

We shall also be selling bits and bobs from our own collections so its a great chance to shop.

If you don’t want to be dressed up or buy anything but are still interested in the world of kimono please come and talk to us. We might be able to help you find the perfect cosplay kimono, we are a WEALTH of kimono related information. We are fanatical you know 🙂