Synthetic Komon Style Ko Furisode at Japan Matsuri 2010

Japan Matsuri 2010A while back the internet was flooded the the most bargain-basement synthetic ko furisode for $19.99. This one was at the tail end of these offers as they were mostly snapped up by kimono retailers who now charge £100+ for them. This one cost me $14.99 and it is currently my favourite kimono. Yellow Gold NagoyaIt has a sewn in date-eri (to give the age old impression of a second kimono) and in the picture I have matched it with my ‘curtain fabric from Dunelm’ han-eri and gold obi. The gold obi has slight colour running through it which you can’t really see, and the han-eri is embroidered fabric. This is a huge money saving trick if you still want a ‘posh’ kimono collar without paying the price for it. You need to choose your fabric well.
Curtain fabric from dunelm for Han eri!

Even though now getting one of these ko-furisodes for less than $100 is hard I heartily recommend them as they are superb synthetic (and washable) kimono. They are WORTH that price unless you happen to have caught one of these superb deals, then paying more would hurt. I wish I would have binged and brought like 10, but you never know how synthetic kimono are going to go, I have wonderful ones and quite cheap ‘Primark’ quality ones. Good for tatting about in though.

I managed to get a red one, yellow one and white/blue/pink houmongi style one for a friend. Lots of them did not have hem patterns as they were graduation kimono (meant to be worn with hakama) but I wish I had managed to get a yabane patterned ko-furi. I am still kicking myself about it.

Matsuri was fun as there were a few kimono stalls (some selling my exact kimono for £150) and they complimented me on dressing myself in kimono. Self dressing is the norm for yofuku (western clothing in Japanese terms) so we take it for granted that dressing yourself in kimono is hard. It has taken me two years of practise to get this far and I still need to improve greatly.