More kimono collars…..and a bit of cheeky fan girl insert.

I know boring huh? But not to me! Over the bank holiday I finished my ‘velcro han-eri and fake collar’ system for lazy lazy kitsuke:

We have brown with forest cartoons:



monkey kimono collar!

and polka dots with spider lace…

handmade lace/Polkadots dual sided collar

I also made a wide fake collar for my pink kyoto hikizuri:


You might think I am boring with these collars but Loki is pleased:

What I wouldn’t give to get Tom Hiddleston into a kimono, I have one that will fit! (he is a similar height and build as my husband who will never let me dress him up, and looks a bit Loki-ish according to a few small children who point)

All men look good in real kimono. ALL OF THEM!