A England ‘Love is Enough’ Nail Polish Review

A friend of mine put me onto A England Nail Polish and I thought I would give it a bash.

Price & Website:

It is a more expensive polish at £9 a pop, but they do have a monthly deal at £6 and sets called ‘Harmonies‘ that come in at 3 for £19.50 and 2 for £15. When I paid for my order it was free shipping. My order was dispatched within 48hrs and I got my polish 2 days later.

Base & Top Coat:

A England have their own top & base coat which I don’t have, so for this review I used OPI Nail Envy & Essie Super Dooper Top Coat. Both of which I love.


I am CND Shellac trained so I basically use the same PEP as a Shellac Manicure. I do cuticle work, file to desired shape then use scrubfresh to cleanse the nail plate. You can also use Isopropyl alchohol (99%) or another brand of ‘gel cleanser’. I use Gellux Prep & Wipe sometimes too.

1. I prepared the nail as above.

2. Applied OPI Nail Envy and let dry for 10 minutes.

3. Applied 3 coats of colour with 10 minutes dry time in between.

4. Applied Essie Super Dooper and let dry for 10 minutes.

5. Sprayed with Avon Nail Freeze, as it is basically cuticle oil in spray format!

The brush and application of A England polishes is smooth and easy. My non dominate hand was easy enough to do.

A England Love is Enough

Finished Manicure

Colour & Coverage:

I needed three coats with this polish which is an olive colour with gold shimmer. It is shimmery enough for you to admire it at times.


I had this on for 4 days perfect. It probably would have lasted 5 if I didn’t assemble my spinning bike on the 4th day. I had a slight chip on my weakest nail so then it had to come off. So done properly you can get 4-5 days out of each mani, or maybe longer if you don’t type or bash your nails like I do.

A England Love is Enough Day 4

After 3 days and a better colour representation.

I am glad I purchased this polish, and will look to buy more of these polishes in the future. If you want to buy this shade, here is the direct link: http://www.a-england.co.uk/heavenly-quotes/91-love-is-enough.html