Sakuran Cosplay for HyperJapan

Lyuba from Strawberry Kimono will be leaving the UK next year so we decided to do a Sakuran cosplay en masse as this is her favourite kimono dress up theme.

I don’t normally cosplay but hey, always up for a challenge! So this is my outfit:

Matching up collar to outfit

Sakuran cosplay outfit done!

A lengthened odori kimono with padded underlayer (hitoe), a hitoe green and silver ichimitsu odori obi and a massive padded melon collar! I decided a full uchikake would be too arduous so I have gone for a black sha kimono as a coat.

I have a pipe and okobo too 🙂 I need to make matching tabi 🙂

In other news I bought a new obi: