God Bless Rakuten for ‘Tosen’ and his 2000yen (£15) Yukata Sale

Oh yes, I needed yukata – most of the ones I wanted were between £40 and £70 but on buying elastic himo from a known seller ‘Tosen’ on Rakuten I saw many a yukata (and some exactly the same as the £50 ones…)

I brought things:

£15 Yukata for the summer (god bless rakuten)


£15 Yukata for the summer (god bless rakuten)

and this one as it is so similar to one I saw for £70:

£15 Yukata for the summer (god bless rakuten)

for £15 each (not including shipping which was EMS)

Ok, I know – they are black based but I like them! Next month I might buy two more colourful ones and a synthetic gauze kimono from him if they are still nice and cheap. I wear my black based yukata all the time so I think I shall stick with them. I have 4 different coloured hakata hanhaba obi in green, yellow, blue and purple to brighten up my black yukata! I also have a purple/pink double sided one 🙂

Yukata are also great in the summer to wear with full obi and trimmings if you don’t have enough Ro/Gauze kimono.

Finding cheap Nagajuban!

Well a friend of mind wants an inexpensive naga juban so I took a look at Rakuten for her and found these babies at £9!


This shop has loads of cut price goodies, lace tabi from £2.80, obi-jime at about the same price. But with Rakuten it is always about the shipping. EMS is expensive.

However, no so long ago they introduced air shipping for international trade and you can find the kimono related items with this link:


It is quite restricted currently, but a must if Rakuten wants to really trade abroad. UK customs take into account the shipping fee when collecting VAT and customs charges on the items. This makes it expensive. To be fair, if this was NOT the case I would be fine with EMS all the way 🙂

However, those Juban is Maiko red are very cheap even with EMS shipping at £11 🙂

Summer Ro Kimono Hunting

For the summer and holiday I am in need of Ro kimono. However, I am a bit restricted as I already have two Ro obi and I am damned if I am buying any more. One is cream with orange the the other a wonderful minty green with red.

However Rakuten comes to the rescue by showing me some cool looking black based synthetic Ro weave Komon for around £30, so when money permits (probably after I have paid for said holiday) I shall get myself two. I will probably take one yukata and one Ro ensemble for holiday and the rest being my dresses and things. I now keep re-using holiday stuff as its such a waste of money buying the latest fashion, its not like I follow it anyway!

I have one lilac Ro Komon and also an light blue Ro Tsukesage kimono but I don’t like the condition. Unless I can improve it it will end up on the scrap heap, I hate it when sellers hide stains.

I am assuming based on this years weather that I will only need 2 maybe 3 Ro ensembles for kimono de jack as I imagine we shall have a festival type meeting where yukata will be worn.

Ro kimono on eBay hit hideous prices ($70-$100) and you can get more for you money with a synth Ro kimono, and due to the nature of wearing Ro – you are more likely to sweat or get your ice lolly down it 🙂