So who do kimono girls dream of?

Guys in kimono of course. What? Tom Cruise said it looked like a dress in the last samurai? How uncouth Tommy boy.

It might be my alternative persuasions but guys in kimono just look good. I have tried (and failed) to make my husband wear kimono even though as Miyavi shows us, you can be a rock star and wear kimono. All guys want to be rocks stars right?

How about visual kei band ‘The Gazette’ seen rocking a more traditional look. OK, some of them look as though the wearing of kimono brings back hideous memories of their mother dressing them up for grandma on New Years day but hey…the guy on the far left looks relaxed about it.

Gackt is always hamming up the kimono look, and has his own kimono project! We love you Gackt, but possibly your kimono more….hmm, sorry yes – given the choice I would choose this kimono over your rock star self! (Gomennasai)

Unfortunately over this side of the water we only get guys in kimono on sleezy porn sites in tacky fake kimono (just Google men in kimono..ick), and even in the martial arts circles it is hard to find a guy looking and dressing decent in kimono. As a player of the jiu jitsu game, dan grades in hakama always look better, but cute is never how I would describe them. More authoritative and mostly sweaty.

So on that note, I will leave you with one wish. Dress your men in kimono!

*where is your juban Mr far right…you naughty naughty thing!