J-Rock, Kimono and Shoxx

I recently bought my first Shoxx after being into Japanese Rock for a while. My husband pre-dates me musically with having loved some Jrock bands since the 90’s.

I loved Shoxx…however I feel that the Jrockers are far too worried about ‘looking shexy’ rather than looking just damn ‘ROCK M%^therF^&er’ which is the look/feel you get from native rock magazines. Western rockers look dishevelled, drunk and rather sweaty a good proportion of the time and Japanese rockers are barbie doll perfect in their rock image.

But hey, it does mean we get more men in kimono:

Is this Hizaki? Wonderful Oiran look whoever it is and a gorgeous obi.

Superb purple kimono-ness from this band, and that Jade green kimono! No idea who they are of course as I don’t look with my ears 🙂

And Kagrra, as it says on the image 🙂 – Bit messy guys, and who tied that FUKURO obi…showing the unpatterned part, how uncouth…or maybe ‘rock’ of them 🙂

These are all Angura Kei styled and there are more if you google.

I am hopeless with who bands are, when it comes to jrockers all I see is outfits and hair – faces blur into one. I am sorry if I am a bad fan girl, but I only care about the music and err….the KIMONO!

No Kimono, but lots of MOOKS!

Well my kimono hiatus is well underway, so I am filling my shopping time with MOOKS!

Here are my mooks that I currently have:

Magazines to read tonight ;)

Kera and Nanao (Latest Edition at the time)


Kera, Yumi’s Kimono book and ‘Kimono Girl’ which is a company brochure type thing 🙂


3 Kimono hime (I already have 2)

and this month I have just bought:




I have wanted a Gothic Lolita Bible for ages, however buying them in UK shops they can be about £30 so I always avoided it. I got all 3 of these for £40 inc shipping. This is the VERY latest Gothic Lolita Bible as it just came out 2 days ago.

Kera and Shoxx are the latest also, April editions.

I hope to catch a Kimono Ageha at some point, the 2012 edition. But alas it is out of stock, unless I want to spend a fortune with Amazon Japan.
I only buy very visual magazines as my Japanese reading is elementary at best, however I will have fun going back over these and using them for reading practise.

This my friends….is how I am going to get through this year of kimono hiatus by focusing on styling and cool fashions.