Summer Striped Sha Kimono

Lyuba over at Strawberry Kimono is a stripe fanatic when it comes to kimono and during her stripes fetish she came across some very thin silk summer kimono which were kinsha and not ro. I have one kinsha kimono but it is lined.

Unfortunately these kimono don’t suit my wingspan at all, so its not like I can just ‘hime’ the kitsuke as they are too short, they are mostly just too small.

However, I have found a suitable candidate – 153cm and 65cm shoulder to end of sleeve. That is if the measurements are correct!

Striped Summer Sha Kimono

Striped Summer Sha Kimono

I would really like a kimono with chunkier stripes but size is most important. I buy a new summer kimono each year and this is 2012’s. Last year it was yukata for a workshop which I have actually wore 2 of the yukata personally and about to use the other in a photoshoot so I get my wear out of them. Even if summer has abandoned the UK.

Fortunately I love yukata (some kimono enthusiasts don’t care for them at all) so I never lack a kimono for holidays, the summer or picnic environments.

Here is a Kimono De Jack picnic on a rare wonderful day not so long back:

This was a yukata bought for dressing workshops but as I wash yukata they have a certain lifespan. I have three I am wearing in rotation which I don’t need to wash as I wear undergarments, and one yukata I wash all the time which is reserved for those really hot days you can’t bear wearing anything but 1 layer. I will wash and iron the others at the end of summer and put them away ready for next.

God Bless Rakuten for ‘Tosen’ and his 2000yen (£15) Yukata Sale

Oh yes, I needed yukata – most of the ones I wanted were between £40 and £70 but on buying elastic himo from a known seller ‘Tosen’ on Rakuten I saw many a yukata (and some exactly the same as the £50 ones…)

I brought things:

£15 Yukata for the summer (god bless rakuten)


£15 Yukata for the summer (god bless rakuten)

and this one as it is so similar to one I saw for £70:

£15 Yukata for the summer (god bless rakuten)

for £15 each (not including shipping which was EMS)

Ok, I know – they are black based but I like them! Next month I might buy two more colourful ones and a synthetic gauze kimono from him if they are still nice and cheap. I wear my black based yukata all the time so I think I shall stick with them. I have 4 different coloured hakata hanhaba obi in green, yellow, blue and purple to brighten up my black yukata! I also have a purple/pink double sided one 🙂

Yukata are also great in the summer to wear with full obi and trimmings if you don’t have enough Ro/Gauze kimono.

Ro, Ro, Ro your boat, gently down the stream….

Ro HitoeI didn’t misspell row. Its a play on a gauze like summer kimono material! I have finally uploaded my Ro collection to flickr and just wanted to show you.

On my right is a lovely lilac Ro hitoe kimono which I got for a stupidly low price on auction. The featured image was the same, below $10. I do wonder about lighter colours so this was a bit of an impulse bid.

I have two ro obi but no ro obiage or obijime which I will fix at some point but I am not going to worry too much about it. I will probably go for for a cream colour in both or a very neutral colour so I only need to have one set.

It doesn’t get that hot in the UK and yukata are fun and cheaper to accessorise. They are also a lot easier to get 🙂

My first kimono was a yukata and pre-tied obi, they are easy to learn kitsuke in. My first awase kimono was synthetic as I was too worried about the expense, condition and fragility of vintage silk kimono. Long gone are those days 🙂

Summer Ro Kimono Hunting

For the summer and holiday I am in need of Ro kimono. However, I am a bit restricted as I already have two Ro obi and I am damned if I am buying any more. One is cream with orange the the other a wonderful minty green with red.

However Rakuten comes to the rescue by showing me some cool looking black based synthetic Ro weave Komon for around £30, so when money permits (probably after I have paid for said holiday) I shall get myself two. I will probably take one yukata and one Ro ensemble for holiday and the rest being my dresses and things. I now keep re-using holiday stuff as its such a waste of money buying the latest fashion, its not like I follow it anyway!

I have one lilac Ro Komon and also an light blue Ro Tsukesage kimono but I don’t like the condition. Unless I can improve it it will end up on the scrap heap, I hate it when sellers hide stains.

I am assuming based on this years weather that I will only need 2 maybe 3 Ro ensembles for kimono de jack as I imagine we shall have a festival type meeting where yukata will be worn.

Ro kimono on eBay hit hideous prices ($70-$100) and you can get more for you money with a synth Ro kimono, and due to the nature of wearing Ro – you are more likely to sweat or get your ice lolly down it 🙂