New Funky Yukata!

Well when I say new, I brought it a while back but just yesterday got it out of the packaging and see how it looks.


Lazy me with not tying the hanhaba obi properly, but hey…you get the idea. The obi has a reverse pattern underside with white so I could probably manage a twist or dual coloured bunko at the back.

‘Errrr, Liz – isn’t this red and black again?’ – I hear you cry. Why yes it is and I am a creature of habit.

I do have a hot pink reversible version of this hanhaba obi if I wanted to ring in the changes.

This yukata is going to be part of an up and coming fashion show at Hyperjapan and it might also then be my KDJ outfit for August after it has had a blast with my steam cleaner.

Why I don’t mind paying for EMS with Rakuten…

OK, so I ordered 2 nagajuban and a obiage/obijime set for my holidays on Saturday the 26th of March.

Here is the tracking from parcelforce:

30-03-2011 08:57 Birmingham South Depot Delivered
30-03-2011 04:22 Birmingham South Depot Loaded to vehicle for delivery
30-03-2011 03:55 Birmingham South Depot Received at delivery depot
30-03-2011 00:35 National Hub Received and processed
29-03-2011 23:22 International Hub Forwarded for UK processing
29-03-2011 23:20 International Hub Received in destination country
29-03-2011 01:27 Delivery Agent – TOKYO – PTT Forwarded for export
28-03-2011 15:15 Delivery Agent – JAPAN Collected from customer

Basically shipped Monday afternoon Japan time, on the truck for delivery to me on the Wednesday. The shipping for three items was 3020 yen (£24) and the 3 items cost 5060 yen (£37.99).

Did I mention they were two synthetic white Ro Nagajuban 150cm long and this Ro obiage/obijime set?

Ro Obiage and Obijime Set