Kimono Coats, not rain coats – real winter ones!

Its freezing in the UK, but a girl still needs to get out her snow boots and wear kimono! A real kimono coat and one that I will save up for and buy at some point is a beast like this:

which is £160 and plus probably about £40 EMS shipping. This is a purchase for when I am RICH! So how can a girl still get a coat for kimono?

Well, the recent fashion for cape coats gives you the answer, on eBay from £30 and in shops from £80 you can get a fashionable but ‘no sleeves’ kimono friendly coat! Primark had some really cheap ones, but I think they got snapped up pretty quickly, but a wool cape coat was £20. If the fashion continues, there maybe more available next year.

Cape coats cover the top half of you, so if you wear a AMA coat underneath to protect from rain/snow and your boots you should be kimono cosy. If you know you are not going to a heated place you can always wear leggings under your kimono or tights. This is a great fix for winter shopping where you may only be stopping for hot chocolate somewhere that’s warm.

So keeping warm in kimono shouldn’t cost £200, it can cost as little as £22 if you shop in Primark! (Coat and leggings!)

All nightclubs should sell cup cakes…

and Saturdays outing to heresy and heelz contained ‘Queenies cakes’ and we took some home as not to mess up our faces 🙂

Well, I partied in my new purple furisode and silver zori that I have been breaking in for weeks. No hurty feet so I recommend a week or two of breaking in your zori 🙂 My friends and I did our Christmas present swap in which I got hello kitty treats, cute Japanese style make up bag, green tea and mug (with a geisha on it) and a parasol amongst other things.

I brought my friend who is interested in kimono (I think if I can acquire a suitable Ro kimono set for my other friend she will be interested too, she suffers from over heating and awase kimono would set her on fire) a synthetic furisode with matching heko and pre-tied obi as it would be her first. The kimono is pictured 🙂

This kimono is nearly 180cm long like a kakeshita but my friend is tall and we need the length. I always keep an eye out for stupidly long kimono for her but as with myself we are cutting back on spending of late due to the economic meltdown continuing in the UK.

I made them watch my kimono dressing DVD and they were astonished at all the items, the skill and complication of kimono dressing. I dress along to my DVD all the time as I am still wanting ultimate perfection!

On the Sunday we went to Mount Fuji for lunch in Birmingham and I had my first bento . It was super cold so I had my leggings on under my kimono, a haori and a shawl with my omeshi awase kimono. I sported my FUG boots also with kimono 🙂

Drunken-ness and hungover-ness meant I didn’t take photos but when my friend puts her photos online I will steal one 🙂