New Funky Yukata!

Well when I say new, I brought it a while back but just yesterday got it out of the packaging and see how it looks.


Lazy me with not tying the hanhaba obi properly, but hey…you get the idea. The obi has a reverse pattern underside with white so I could probably manage a twist or dual coloured bunko at the back.

‘Errrr, Liz – isn’t this red and black again?’ – I hear you cry. Why yes it is and I am a creature of habit.

I do have a hot pink reversible version of this hanhaba obi if I wanted to ring in the changes.

This yukata is going to be part of an up and coming fashion show at Hyperjapan and it might also then be my KDJ outfit for August after it has had a blast with my steam cleaner.

God Bless Rakuten for ‘Tosen’ and his 2000yen (£15) Yukata Sale

Oh yes, I needed yukata – most of the ones I wanted were between £40 and £70 but on buying elastic himo from a known seller ‘Tosen’ on Rakuten I saw many a yukata (and some exactly the same as the £50 ones…)

I brought things:

£15 Yukata for the summer (god bless rakuten)


£15 Yukata for the summer (god bless rakuten)

and this one as it is so similar to one I saw for £70:

£15 Yukata for the summer (god bless rakuten)

for £15 each (not including shipping which was EMS)

Ok, I know – they are black based but I like them! Next month I might buy two more colourful ones and a synthetic gauze kimono from him if they are still nice and cheap. I wear my black based yukata all the time so I think I shall stick with them. I have 4 different coloured hakata hanhaba obi in green, yellow, blue and purple to brighten up my black yukata! I also have a purple/pink double sided one 🙂

Yukata are also great in the summer to wear with full obi and trimmings if you don’t have enough Ro/Gauze kimono.

Ro, Ro, Ro your boat, gently down the stream….

Ro HitoeI didn’t misspell row. Its a play on a gauze like summer kimono material! I have finally uploaded my Ro collection to flickr and just wanted to show you.

On my right is a lovely lilac Ro hitoe kimono which I got for a stupidly low price on auction. The featured image was the same, below $10. I do wonder about lighter colours so this was a bit of an impulse bid.

I have two ro obi but no ro obiage or obijime which I will fix at some point but I am not going to worry too much about it. I will probably go for for a cream colour in both or a very neutral colour so I only need to have one set.

It doesn’t get that hot in the UK and yukata are fun and cheaper to accessorise. They are also a lot easier to get 🙂

My first kimono was a yukata and pre-tied obi, they are easy to learn kitsuke in. My first awase kimono was synthetic as I was too worried about the expense, condition and fragility of vintage silk kimono. Long gone are those days 🙂

Summer Ro Kimono Hunting

For the summer and holiday I am in need of Ro kimono. However, I am a bit restricted as I already have two Ro obi and I am damned if I am buying any more. One is cream with orange the the other a wonderful minty green with red.

However Rakuten comes to the rescue by showing me some cool looking black based synthetic Ro weave Komon for around £30, so when money permits (probably after I have paid for said holiday) I shall get myself two. I will probably take one yukata and one Ro ensemble for holiday and the rest being my dresses and things. I now keep re-using holiday stuff as its such a waste of money buying the latest fashion, its not like I follow it anyway!

I have one lilac Ro Komon and also an light blue Ro Tsukesage kimono but I don’t like the condition. Unless I can improve it it will end up on the scrap heap, I hate it when sellers hide stains.

I am assuming based on this years weather that I will only need 2 maybe 3 Ro ensembles for kimono de jack as I imagine we shall have a festival type meeting where yukata will be worn.

Ro kimono on eBay hit hideous prices ($70-$100) and you can get more for you money with a synth Ro kimono, and due to the nature of wearing Ro – you are more likely to sweat or get your ice lolly down it 🙂

New Years Resolutions…

I don’t normally bother, but this year I have eaten and spent to my hearts content and need to ‘clean up’ my body and bank account. Alex and I need a holiday and that involves money and wearing a bikini, neither of which are in my future currently.

I have a kimono ‘list’ of needs and currently it only has tabi and two new yukata for the summer on it. Maybe a kimono bra but loosing weight means no bust for me anyhow!

So in theory two yukata from my favourite yukata seller should set me back £100 max and tabi? A couple of pairs at about £7 each.

Can I keep to that meagre spend for the WHOLE of 2011 or will I go mad? I will run out of space if I don’t.

Diet….a long over due stone that’s been clinging to me needs to go. Why have I not lost weight? Gland problem? Metabolism problem? No. CAKE. Cake makes a girl fat. If you stop eating cake you will be thin.

So what will be the plus marks of such a thinning down? Well two yukata that have shrunk a bit in the wash will fit better and some of my more tight kimono will close with more room and I won’t have short obi issues with my hakata obi.

If I keep to my new years resolutions I will be thin and richer. I certainly have enough kimono for the next 12 months of kimono de jack, now I have places to go and wear kimono I need money to spend on travel and things!